Creepy interview between Sofia Vergara and Gordon Ramsay resurfaces

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Gordon Ramsay has been criticised for inappropriate comments made to Sofia Vergara during an interview in 2010. 

A disturbing TV interview with Gordon Ramsay and Sofia Vergara has resurfaced online, with many people condemning Ramsay’s objectifying behaviour towards Vergara.

The 2010 clip sees Vergara trying to remain professional while fending off a series of inappropriate sexual comments from Ramsay during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Discussing her role in the award-winning sitcom Modern Family, Vergara says that she “never screams like [her character] in real life,” to which Ramsay quickly responds: “Really? Only in the bedroom?”

Even though Vergara (and the audience) were unimpressed by his rude remark, Ramsay continues to make sexual comments throughout the rest of the interview. 

Leno then brought out a previous cover of Daily Variety, which featured a Modern Family ad that read, ‘If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd.*’

“*Cast member may change without notice,” the advertisement noted.

“That’s ridiculous. I cannot run,” Vergara responded.

“Knock yourself out,” Ramsay quipped.

Then the conversation moves to an onscreen image of Vergara on holiday in her bikini. When the photo changed quickly to a second shot of Vergara eating pizza, Leno exclaimed, “Wait - go back to the other picture. Think we have a female director? Duh!”

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A second image of Vergara eating pizza then appears on the screen, with Ramsay saying, “You seem like you’re enjoying that. You had a whole wedge in your mouth at one time?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vergara answered while putting her hands up in the air.

“You haven’t heard of a knife and fork?” he continued. “You don’t eat pizza with a knife and a fork.”

“You just pick it up and stick it in,” Ramsay added, making an inappropriate sexual remark.

Before the end of the interview, Ramsay hits Vergara on the side of her thigh, she firmly tells him, “No touching!”


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And people on Twitter have condemned the footage:

It’s not the first video to resurface in recent months with creepy comments being made towards women in past interviews. A similar interview featuring Meghan Markle has been criticised for its inappropriateness, and a disturbing radio interview with Emma Bunton has also been met with disapproval since the #MeToo movement was sparked.

At the time of writing, Ramsay has not commented on the clip.

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