Starbucks doubles up

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British coffee drinkers force Starbucks into introducing double shots as standard in its coffee.

If, like us, you can barely function without your morning flat white or latte, the latest news from Starbucks coffee chain will certainly be of interest.

In a move that will surely increase productivity up and down the land, as of this month, Starbucks will be offering a double shot of coffee as standard (so at no extra cost) across its caffeine-based drinks, reports the Telegraph. Despite being known as a nation of tea-drinkers, according to the chain, we Brits love our coffee with a kick as the number of customers asking for an extra shot has increased by 60% in the last two years.

As we speak, Starbucks’ 10,000 baristas are being trained to deliver us the double-shot taste we enjoy at rivals such as Costa and Café Nero, alongside a more ‘velvety’ tasting milk. Although health officials raise concerns that we are becoming too tolerant of normal servings of caffeine, here at Stylist, we’re already buzzing about the prospect.