You can stay in the actual Dirty Dancing holiday resort (watermelons are provided)

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Ah, Kellerman’s Mountain House, the holiday destination of dreams for those of us sighing over Baby Houseman’s transformation from gangly teen to dancer shaking up the ballroom norm in eighties film Dirty Dancing.

We believed – as one does when watching a fictional film – that a stay in the very same resort Baby, Johnny et al danced up a storm in was destined to remain a fantasy getaway.

But no: it’s our pleasure to inform you that as the film’s 30th (yes) anniversary approaches, you can indeed have the time of your life (sorry) at Kellerman’s; except it’s not Kellerman’s, it’s Mountain Lake Lodge.

Though the film is set in the Catskill Mountains in New York state, the real resort is in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

As reports, the resort actually hosts Dirty Dancing-themed weekends with location tours, film screenings, dance lessons and a Saturday night party (though falling in lust with your tutor and totally hogging the limelight in the end-of-season talent show is definitely not guaranteed).

There are bijou cabins to stay in, and it’s open to wedding bookings, meaning real superfans could go all out with the theme, because why restrict your filmic love to a well-rehearsed first dance?

There’s also a beautiful lake in which to recreate your favourite scene (disclaimer: we don’t know if you’re actually allowed to do that, so do check before you find a willing partner and chuck yourself in, won’t you?).

The resort even posted a picture on Instagram of all the watermelons waiting for guests to carry. Yep, all your dreams just came true, so pack your beige iridescent lipstick and get involved.

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