5 women on their biggest online shopping blunders

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Online shopping is a godsend, except when it’s categorically a disaster…

When it comes to online shopping, there’s not really a debate to be had – frankly, we can’t quite fathom how we got on without it.

Leave the house and walk to an actual shop? Are you quite mad?

That being said, not all online shopping was created equal. And when it goes wrong… it can go really wrong (which makes us extra grateful for online styling services like Stitch Fix).

From sizing disasters to misleading images, buying stuff sight unseen can be a minefield.

With that in mind, here are five real women on some of their most spectacular online shopping fails…

  • 1. Wardrobe malfunction

    “A couple of summers ago, I ordered a new dress for a party my company was throwing for our entire office.

    It looked quite sheer in the picture, but the neckline was pretty conservative and it was knee-length, so I figured it would be fine for a work event.

    When I tried it on in daylight at home, it looked great. It was only when I got to the party I realised it was almost completely see-through under the lights.

    I spent the whole night in the darkest corner of the room, clutching my bag to my chest and trying to dodge the senior staff.

    I still get nightmares about it.”

    Lucy, Kent

  • 2. Ordering amnesia

    “I have quite a bad habit of ordering stuff after a glass of wine or two and not remembering I’ve done it until it arrives at my desk at work.

    From ludicrously glittery tops (no) to feather boas (please, no) to several pairs of cycling shorts (I don’t have a bike)… you name it, I’ve ordered it.

    However, all of those buys pale in comparison with what was undoubtedly the weirdest purchase I ever made… a hot pink catsuit.

    I’ve never been to the kind of event where this might be a suitable thing to wear. And even if I did, I’d be the last person to pull it off.

    Still… nice to have the option.”

    Jen, Devon

  • 3. Who wore it better?

    “I know that a friend’s wedding is mainly about them, but let’s be honest… it’s also a great excuse to go full diva on your wardrobe.

    So when I was invited to a school pal’s ceremony last summer, I spent months  trawling an online marketplace for the floor-length gown of my dreams.

    However, when it turned up it wasn’t floor-length at all. The sizing was so far out, it basically sat at knee height on me.

    My much-shorter friend ended up buying it off me, and spent the whole evening getting compliments on finding such a great outfit.

    Worst wedding ever.”

    Kate, Birmingham

  • 4. Birthday fail

    “My boyfriend loves his streetwear, so as a birthday surprise, I ordered him a t-shirt from a US-based brand I know he likes.

    He’s usually a large, so that’s what I ordered, expecting to be crowned gift-giving Queen when it came to the big day.

    What I didn’t realise is that a US large is… really, really large. So… much… material.

    It was a pain to return, so we kept it, and I use it as a pyjama top. A really expensive pyjama top.”

    Louise, Glasgow

  • 5. Interview nightmare

    “I had a really big interview that I was a bag of nerves about. I figured one way to lessen them was to feel super confident in a new outfit. I decided to go bold and ordered a pair of bright yellow cigarette trousers online.

    The quality felt a bit cheap when they arrived but I hadn’t left myself enough time to find something else, so I figured I’d chance it. 

    The interview was a real grilling and I panicked throughout it. Thinking it couldn’t get worse, I leant forward to push my chair back to leave and felt a release in my trousers. The seam at the back had split and I had to tie my coat around my waist and pretend that was a totally normal way to wear a winter coat as I shook their hands and said goodbye.

    I didn’t get the job but at least I never had to see them again after that.”

    Emily, London

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