13 stylish, reusable water bottles to cut back on plastic waste

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In the UK alone, every year we use more than 35 million plastic bottles. Get yourself a refillable bottle, stat, and you’ll instantly be saving plastic.

From scientists discovering that the Great Pacific garbage patch is now nearly three times the size of France, to the news that plastic waste looks set to treble within the decade if we don’t act now, the ongoing conversation around plastic waste has left us feeling very concerned for the future of our planet.

Twelve million tonnes of plastic rubbish is being dumped into the oceans every single year and a large contributing factor to the mounting waste is plastic bottles. 

Of course, we’ve all popped into our local corner shop or supermarket to grab a bottle of water when we’re feeling parched, but it’s single use plastic containers such as these that are damaging our planet in a devastating manner. 

Get yourself a reusable water bottle and help save the planet, sip by sip. 

It’s absolutely paramount that we act now to cut down on plastic waste while there’s still hope of reversing some of this damage. This is something that’s already proving promising, after the introduction of the 5p charge for plastic bags has seen an approximately 30% drop in plastic bags on the seabed.

In order to continue seeing encouraging results in relation to the 35 million plastic bottles we use every year, we’re imploring one and all to invest in a reusable water bottle.

Not only do they look super snazzy on your work desk and encourage you to keep hydrated (which let’s not forget, is also very important),  they will help you to cut down on buying disposable plastic. 

Check out our edit of gorgeous reusable plastic bottles, from stylish designer numbers to those adorned with cheeky slogans and cute illustrations. 

Any water bottle looks better when a beautiful Orla Kiely pattern adorns it.

£20, John Lewis

This emerald beauty is leak-proof, so you’ll never have to look down into a soggy tote and sigh again. 

£10, John Lewis

Created by British designer Daniel Lund Savage, this sleek skittle-shaped water bottle promises to keep your drinks cold, or hot, for up to 24 hours. Impressive.

£30, Oliver Bonas 

24 BOTTLES water bottle

We adore this urban water bottle, which is bound to look cool whether you’re hiking a mountain or jumping on the bus to work.

£18, 24 BOTTLES

Filter Bobble water bottle

If you’re concerned about any of the toxins in tap water, this is the water bottle for you. It includes a replaceable carbon filter that filters water as you drink, removing chlorine and organic contaminants in the process.

£8.99, Amazon

Decorated with an exotic floral print, this reusable bottle has been crafted from stainless steel and keeps hot beverages warm and cold beverages nice and cool.

£35, Amara

This millennial pink water bottle is not just a pretty package. You see that interesting helter-skelter design? It allows the entire bottle to compress down, creating more space in your bag once it’s empty. 

£25, Paperchase

Paperchase pink iridescent water bottle

Hydration need not be boring when you’ve got a bottle as exciting as this one. 

£9, Paperchase

Bring some harmony to your life with this glass crystal water bottle from bewater. It features rose quartz and rock crystal, which distributes energy and has strong balancing characteristics.

£28, Urban Outfitters

Not only will this water bottle keep liquid cool for up to 24 hours, the mouth is also wide enough to fit ice cubes in to ensure ultimate refreshment. 

£35, Amara

Selfridges water bottle

You might have thought the eye-catching architectural graphic print on this water bottle was good enough reason to buy it, but more importantly, 100% of the profits from its sale go towards protecting oceans from overfishing and plastic pollution.

£27.99, Selfridges

Pink spikey water bottle Skinny Dip

Even hydrating can be edgy with this punk-tastic, spiked water bottle. 

£32, Skinny Dip 

Swell godl marble water bottle

In luxurious white and gold hues, this reusable bottle is printed with a unique and realistic design of calacatta marble.

£35, Amara 

Images: Getty / Courtesy of brands


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