It’s official: Stylist has been taken over by robots

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What would really happen to our world if robots were in charge? Stylist magazine is set to find out in its futuristic 400th issue, The Robot Takeover

As technology continues to invade our lives, robots replace people at work and AI enters our homes, it’s only natural that we’re all beginning to wonder about the roles we’ll play in the future.

With that in mind, we asked a team of robots to take over Stylist for our futuristic 400th issue. Think drones shooting the fashion pages, bots applying make-up for humans, a special guest font created by a robot and an exclusive interview with Sophia, the first AI robot to ever be granted citizenship of a country (she flew in the day before our photoshoot, and her only request was a good wifi connection).

Here are just some of the talented (AI) minds that came together to create The Robot Takeover

Articoolo – Features Editor

Vintage Robot with red pen. Isolated over white. Contains clipping path

Can a robot write an article? Should regular members of the Stylist team be nervous? Articoolo is an algorithm that can generate an article on any given subject in one minute or under. For its new role as features editor, Stylist gave it three. See how that panned out here.

Botnik – Contributing Editor

Feed Botnik enough material from any writer and the algorithm of the human-robot hybrid will create a new piece in a similar style. Or attempt to, anyway – here’s what happened when we asked it to write this week’s editor’s letter for us…

“I know how awful the past eight months of being adults in the world has been. There is so much more work than society or delight. So many arguments swirling about how to style your head. International male fashion editors are correctly being deprived of shiny cups, as it’s becoming clear that sunglasses are still taboo in the night.

“It’s been said that the big dancefloor of our lives can’t help cheer up our bodies, but that’s an entirely squinty expression. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that we all like to get loads of stuff from Hollywood, and wham! Shadows are eagerly awaiting in the future of sexual glamour.

“It’s time for a new haircut for our collective heart. It’s time to do something so personal with our sisters that we feel like a man is an accessory. It’s time for a 10k jog to the office of being a woman. This year, we’re challenging the Big Brother that surrounds us all the time.

“We are delighted to say that our talented romantic weapon of shoes and ambition promises to be, quite frankly, a total life changer. This issue celebrates the ultimate status symbol: a friend who looks like you.”


Marty – Contributing Editor

Developed by UK company Robotical, Marty is not only a fun entry into robotics, but also a serious training tool for anyone who wants to learn how to code. One of the only robots in the world who can kick a football, he heads up Stylist ’s ‘Scoop’ news section this week.

Beautification – Beauty Editor

Originally created by Maya Pindeus and Johanna Pichlbauer for the 2015 Saint Étienne Design Biennale, Beautification is the world’s first make-up-artist robot. With a pre-programmed set of (normative, flawless) parameters, can it cater to our individual human faces? We challenged it here.

So what did we learn from all of this?

Well, quite a lot, actually: the Robot Takeover explores just how far technology has evolved over the past few decades, and showcases the astonishing ways robots can enhance our lives – including 3D printing meals, providing companionship, checking into a hotel or teaching morning yoga classes.

As our editor, Susan Riley, says: “At a time where our reliance upon, and use of, technology is continuing to increase, this issue is an incredible step forward in showcasing the power of AI, with the entire edition taken over by robots.

“At Stylist, we’re constantly innovating and looking at the issues that affect our readers’ day to day lives, and as we celebrate our 400th issue, it feels natural to look to the future as we continue to evolve.”

This week’s issue of Stylist will be out Wednesday 24th January 2018.

Images: Matthew Shave