Stylist Strong is London’s most exciting new fitness studio for women

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In a first for women’s media in the UK, Stylist is launching its first ever fitness studio – with a focus on strength for the body and soul.

Back in the bad old days, the sole goal of a sweaty workout session was to lose weight. Nowadays, though, women hit the gym for any number of reasons: to boost confidence, to de-stress, to get fit… and to, above all else, get strong.

As Lisa Smosarski, editor-in-chief at Stylist, notes: “We watch trends closely at Stylist and we have seen a real growth in women strength training – for body, for mind and as a way of reclaiming a traditionally male space.

“This trend challenges the idea of exercising for a specific body shape but instead embraces exercise for general health and wellness as well as boosting confidence and mental health.”

In short, strength-training is brilliant. However, stepping into the spit and sawdust atmosphere of the weights room at the local gym can be incredibly daunting – which is why Stylist has announced the launch of a women’s fitness studio and brand, Stylist Strong.

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The first Stylist Strong studio – a boutique fitness space, offering smart, class-based workouts – will open in London’s most exciting new members’ club, The AllBright Mayfair.

Aimed at busy women who are interested in building their physical and mental strength, the studio will host classes, events, talks and panel discussions on fitness and strength-training. Even more exciting, though, is its tailored programme created by Nike Global Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule, which has been carefully designed to encourage and inspire women of all physical strengths.

“I spend a lot of my time educating women on the importance of strength training for every aspect of their lives,” says Joslyn. “But the educational piece can still be limited in terms of delivery and there is still a little stigma around lifting weights.

Joslyn continues: “I am both honoured and incredibly excited to be part of Stylist Strong, they have given me a platform to spread my passion – getting women unapologetically stronger. Women’s training is undergoing a refreshing and much needed reboot on every level, this is just the beginning.”

Speaking about Stylist’s new fitness venture, Lisa adds: “We are so excited to launch a safe space for women to explore this brand new fitness programme, in a format that works for our audience of busy, urban women who want to feel strong in every sense.”

Stylist Strong is due to open in May 2019. Watch this space for more details…

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