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We asked nine industry experts: Philippa Warr, Wired writer (music); leading food PR Andre Dang (food); Anna Zachariassen, director of Thrive Media (news); beauty blogger Adrienne Lauren (beauty apps); Tom Hall, editor of (travel); Rosanna Falconer, head of digital for Matthew Williamson (fashion); Kelly Schwarze, associate editor of geeksugar. com (photos); Jane Douglas, editor of (games); and Renee Schmidt, CEO of (services) for the 100 apps that will change your life. Click on an image in the gallery for links to download each one.

  • Who Sampled

    £1.99, iTunes

    iPad & iPhone For those horribly frustrating “What does this remind me of?” moments. Type in the song name and it tells you what’s been sampled.

  • Beat Bang

    Free, iTunes

    An electro-music exploration app. Groups albums via the music’s tempo, so you can pick the tracks to suit your mood.

  • Songkick

    Free, iTunes

    Never miss your favourite band playing live; this app scans your music library then keeps you informed of the artists’ touring plans.

  • FourChords

    Free, iTunes

    Unleash your inner rock star by translating a whole battalion of popular songs into just four simple-to-master guitar chords.

  • 8tracks Radio

    Free, iTunes

    Playlists handcrafted by music fans: like having access to the world’s mix tapes. Tap in a genre and store your favourite mixes.

  • Stagepass

    £0.69, iTunes

    You’re broke, but pining for a night out; StagePass gives your music three dimensional sound. Close your eyes and you’re by the stage. Almost.

  • Spotify

    Free, iTunes

    A musical must for streaming infinite amounts of music. Pick your favourite artist or get Spotify to surprise you.

  • Shazam

    Free, iTunes

    Identify, find, watch and download any song that’splaying in your vicinity. Just tap the screen and find out who you’re listening to.

  • Discovr Music

    £1.49, iTunes

    The world’s music as an interactive map – one artist is linked to others in a similar genre, allowing you to discover music you don’t yet know but will likely love.


    Free, iTunes is a free mobile music streaming service with access to a music library of over 16 million tracks.

  • Pocket Hipster


    If you’re bored of your music, this app will introduce you to new indie bands by way of cartoon hipsters recommending new acts while insulting your current playlists.

  • Stampfeet

    Free, iTunes

    While loyalty cards are great, carrying them around can require acrobatic feats of memory. This app stores them all for you.

  • Platter

    Free, iTunes

    Tell this app what’s in your cupboard and it will come up with hundreds of meal options uploaded by them Platter community.

  • BarChick

    Free, iTunes

    Never be stuck for a drink again. Bar listings based on price, theme and distance in London, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen and many other cities

  • Kitchen Calculator

    £2.49, iTunes

    If you get a lot of recipes from blogs and non-UK websites, you will inevitably need this to convert various units.

  • Foodspotting

    Free, iTunes

    This app allows you to find the best dishes in the city, from lamb to crème brûlée, rather than going by the restaurant’s reputation.

  • Hungryhouse

    Free, iTunes

    If you are searching for a decent takeaway, this app flags up restaurants in the area. You can order and pay online too.

  • The Perf ect Egg Timer

    69p, iTunes

    Measure your egg size, set the timer, and enjoy perfectly soft-boiled eggs. Genius.

  • Good Food One-Pot Recipes

    £1.99, iTunes

    Sometimes, only the easiest recipes will do. There are 170 recipes to try including Spanish stew and chicken pilaf.

  • Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

    £2.99, iTunes

    Easy instructions for amazing cakes. Plus clap to move the pages so you don’t mess up your phone.

  • Simply Good Fish

    Free, iTunes

    Navigating the fish cooking seas can be hazardous but this app from chef Peter Sidwell contains 19 cook-along videos and a portion calculator.

  • Instapaper

    £2.49, iPhone & iPad; £1.93, Android, iTunes

    The online version of a cuttings folder. Click the ‘read later’ button and collect articles to browse at your leisure

  • Summly

    Free, iTunes

    Summly provides easily accessible news snippets so you feel better informed in minutes.‘Share’ function puts your favourite stories on Twitter.

  • Gossip Junkie

    £1.49, iTunes

    For your daily fix of everything you know you shouldn’t want to know about, but really do, from the best gossip sites. The guilty pleasure app!

  • Zite Personalized Magazine

    Free, iTunes

    This mag creates news feeds based on your specific interests. Needs latest Apple software.

  • iReddit

    Free, iTunes

    Shake your phone to find the most interesting content on the web. Great if you like interacting and commenting.

  • The Poke

    £1.99, iTunes

    Spoof news stories meet weird cat videos – a fun and humorous way to alleviate the tedium of the daily grind

  • Circa News

    Free, iTunes

    Simplicity is key - news stories condensed into essential facts, quotes and photos. Keep up with the world wherever you are.

  • Pocket

    Free, iTunes

    Find something interesting on the web? Put it in your Pocket. Then, access it from all your devices, without Wifi.

  • Pulse

    Free, iTunes

    Design conscious news junkies will love this. Find articles you like and Pulse creates a beautiful story-bar filled with your content.

  • News360

    Free, iTunes

    By analysing your searches, this clever app literally learns what you do and don’t like, then finds content tailored to you.

  • OPI

    Free, iTunes

    Match your skintone to the app’s virtual hand, then try on hundreds of varnish shades before buying to eliminate pointless impulse purchases

  • Bangstyle

    Free, iTunes

    Browse through thousands of hair styles uploaded by stylists. Great for ideas if you’re looking for a new cut or colour.

  • Beautylish

    Free, iTunes

    Master a four-strand braid, perfect foundation contouring and learn nail art techniques with this app’s step-by-step videos.

  • Makeup Alley

    Free, iTunes

    Research any beauty product with this handy app. Browse under filters such as ‘best value’ and read very honest reviews.

  • Virtual Makeover

    Free, iTunes

    Upload a photo and test tonnes of hair and make-up colours, shapes and styles.

  • SpaFinder

    Free, iTunes

    Desperate for a manicure on your weekend getaway, but don’t know where to go? By using GPS this app finds spas in your area.

  • The Color Genius by L’Oréal

    Free, iTunes

    Upload your outfit, then choose to ‘match’, ‘blend’ or ‘clash’ your make-up for bespoke beauty looks.

  • TWO Magazine, by Pixiwoo

    Free, iTunes

    Top make-up artists Sam and Nic Chapman’s beauty magazine contains exclusive videos and interviews.

  • Natural Beauty Recipe

    Free, Google Play

    If your skin is revolting against chemicals, this app provides recipes for 100% natural homemade skin and body-care products.

  • mySkin: Skincare Advice

    Free, iTunes

    Complete a survey on your skin and watch bespoke recommendations stack up; essential ammo before facing the beauty counters.

  • ColorMirror by YSL

    Free, iTunes

    Upload your own photo and try out all the seasonal and classic colours, while perfecting your techniques thanks to make-up maestro Lloyd Simmonds.

  • Trip It

    Free, iTunes

    This gathers all your travel details in one place, syncing with your calendar. Forward all confirmation emails and it sorts the details.

  • Hotel Tonight

    Free, iTunes

    Last-minute hotel booking with incredible discounts. It is American though, so smaller UK destinations aren’t included.

  • Flight Track

    £2.99, iPad & iPhone; £3.20, Android, iTunes

    Real time status updates on gate numbers, delays and cancellations. You can also follow flights on zoomable maps.

  • Tr avelzoo

    Free, iTunes

    Like Groupon, but for travel. Get remarkable offers both in the UK and abroad and book in a few easy steps.

  • XE Currency

    Free, iTunes

    A currency converter that works out precisely how much that hand-carved African mask is really going to cost you.

  • iTranslate

    Free, iTunes

    Translates over 60 languages, from speech and text, giving several results so you don’t mix meanings.

  • iTorch

    Free, iTunes

    This is a life-saver, whether you’re searching a festival field for your tent or on a late-night mission to the village store.

  • OnTheFly

    Free, iTunes

    Find the flights you need, at the best prices. It also has history and itineraries sections where you can repeat previous journeys.

  • Kayak

    Free, iTunes

    Your online travel agent – finds you flights, hotels and car hire, notifies you when prices change and even offers a packing list.

  • Airbnb

    Free, iTunes

    Avoid bland hotels and stay in beautiful lofts, apartments with roof terraces and other cool pads in 192 countries.


    Free, iTunes

    The essential fashion reference tool; read up on reviews, browse collections and get lost in archives stretching back to autumn/winter 2000.

  • Luxup

    Free, iTunes

    Personal passes to exceptional experiences from luxury brands. Buy on the Luxup site and use your app instore to collect.

  • Stylebook

    £2.49, iTunes

    Upload pictures of your clothes and create outfits you lack the inspiration for at 7am in the morning. Think Cher from Clueless’ wardrobe organiser.

  • Chic Feed

    Free, iTunes

    This app does one thing, very well. Get your street-style fix with photo feeds from The Sartorialist, Face Hunter and more…

  • Go Try It On

    Free, iTunes

    Debating a dress in a changing room? Take a pic, submit to the Go Try It On community, and let them help. A crowd-sourced fashion consultation.

  • Pic Jointer

    Free, iTunes

    Jigsaw together multiple photos. It’s taken off among fashion insiders as you can show one look in all its glory, with close-up detail.

  • Moodboard

    £6.99, iPad only, iTunes

    A favourite among the fashion creatives; collate and crop any images that inspire you – from the web or your photo library – onto virtual boards that you can write on and print out.

  • Viddy

    Free, iTunes

    Not strictly a fashion app, but these mini-videos, uploaded by personalities such as Diane Von Furstenberg, show an intimate glimpse behind-the-scenes.

  • Snapette

    Free, iTunes

    Need a new pair of designer heels and need them fast? Snappette will tell what’s available in your local area via photos uploaded by fellow shoppers.

  • Net-a-Porter

    Free, iTunes

    This app sets the bar for online fashion retailers, with Fashion Fix editorialising the collections. Easy to use and dangerously easy to shop…

  • Camera+

    69p, iTunes

    For serious control of your phone’s photos, this provides almost professional-level editing tools – so that every snap looks SLR standard.

  • Snapseed

    Free, iTunes

    Apple’s iPad App of the Year 2011 transforms dreary snaps into colourful masterpieces with an easy image correcting tool.

  • Snapjoy

    Free, iTunes

    A gorgeous way to store photos online. Import snaps straight from Instagram or your hard drive and keep them in a day-by-day timeline.

  • Diptic

    (69p) iPhone & iPad; (63p) Android, iTunes

    With 165 layouts to select, you can place a number of photos in the same frame. Filters allow you to customise the images.

  • Magic Hour

    £1.49, iTunes

    A filter market, where you can download the latest photo filters for free. User-generated filters are being added all the time.

  • LensLight

    69p, iTunes

    Recreate the sun-saturated ‘bokeh’ light of an island holiday or even cheat that old, cheap camera look with the Lightleak option.

  • DMD Panorama

    69p, iPhone & iPad; Free, Android, iTunes

    Create stunning, immersive 3D panorama shots. Blends the joins seamlessly and quickly an

  • PhotoSync

    £1.49, iTunes

    A photo life-changer. Wirelessly transfer images from your iPhone or iPad to your desktop or even to an online Dropbox account.

  • Kinotopic

    Free, iTunes

    As addictive as Instagram, but better by allowing one area of your photograph – a child’s wave for instance – to remain animated.

  • Cinemagram

    Free, iTunes

    Cinemagrams are superior to GIFs; they’re a blend of image and movement. Speed up or reverse your videos for clever effects.

  • Uber

    Free, iTunes

    If flailing your arms won’t hail you a cab, Uber will find you a private driver – in a luxury car – super quick. London only.

  • Tube Exits

    69p, iTunes

    This slice of genius tells you which carriage you should get on and which exit to take. Never walk endlessly around Green Park Tube again.

  • Sleep Cycle

    69p, iTunes

    An alarm clock that recognises when you’re at the right point in your sleep cycle to be woken up, but you have to keep it next to you on the mattress.


    64p, Google Play

    Perfect for women working from home or freelancing. Download timesheets for personal records or send them to your clients.

  • Find My iPhone

    Free, iTunes

    Lock your phone remotely via another pre-registered device and activate the GPS tracker to locate it. Can remotely wipe data too.

  • Pocket Yoga

    £1.99, iPhone, £1.89, Android, iTunes

    A yoga teacher in the palm of your hand. A collection of 150 different poses and 27 routines – stay fit on the go.

  • Evernote

    Free, iTunes

    The best note-taking app. Collect pics, written notes and voice recordings and keep your important documents in one place

  • ConXfer

    £2.99, iPhone & iPad; 61p Android, iTunes

    Transmit your business card from your device and scan and store other people’s cards in your contacts in an instant.

  • Fertility Friend

    Free, iTunes

    A colour-coded calendar to record your monthly cycle. There’s a temperature tracker and alarm to remind you to enter data.

  • St John Ambulance First Aid

    Free, iTunes

    Stay calm in an emergency: step-by-step info to care for burns, stroke and more.

  • Huduyou mobile

    Free, iTunes

    Don’t close your eyes and point at the directory. Enter what you need into this app – a plumber for instance – and see which local service provider your friends recommend.

  • Cloud Smart Meter

    Free, iTunes

    For the business-minded – this analytics tool provides timely, actionable insights that are critical for any organisation in the cloud.

  • iOnRoad

    £2.99, iTunes

    Mount your phone on your dashboard and let it guide you around or tell you how close you are to the car in front.

  • Quora

    Free, iTunes

    Like, only better. Dream up even the most bizarre questions and Quora will deliver.

  • HERE Maps

    Free, iTunes

    If you’re finding the latest Apple maps as frustrating as the rest of us, try Nokia’s offering. Unglamorous, but useful.

  • Next Bus London

    £1.99, iTunes

    If a bus it isn’t going to turn up for 15 minutes, you’d rather know. Select your bus stop on the interactive map and find out how soon your bus will arrive.

  • Jorte Calendar

    Free, iTunes

    An intelligent personal organiser. Plenty of innovative features such as quick note-taking and clever ways to set up reminders.

  • CarbonTrack

    Free, iTunes

    Engineered to help you and your business make the important steps towards caring for the environment.

  • SkyView

    £1.49, iTunes

    It’s not often we get to see the stars stuck in the middle of light-polluted cities, but when the chance arises, it’s nice to know what’s up there. This app helps you do just that.

  • Ted

    Ted, iTunes

    See some of the greatest minds on the planet give fascinating talks on random subjects. There’s no better commute material known to man.

  • Letterpress

    Free, iTunes

    Like Boggle and Risk combined together. It looks lovely, too. But you have to register with Apple’s social gaming network Game Center first.

  • Dream of Pixels

    £1.99, iTunes

    If you’ve played Tetris, (who hasn’t) you’ll get the hang of this immediately – a dreamy, upside-down remix of that classic block puzzler.

  • Groove Coaster Zero

    Free, iTunes

    Got rhythm? Give it a workout – keep the beat to catchy tunes for high scores. But you need volume so wear earphones.

  • Pocket Plane

    Free, iTunes

    Build your own airline by planning routes, purchasing airports and picking stylish liveries. Perfect for a coffee break.

  • Little Things Forever

    £1.99, iTunes

    Fan of Where’s Wally? Give this distraction a whirl. Find hidden things set to lovely music.

  • The Walking Dead

    Free, iTunes

    Protect the most adorable little girl ever through an original story set in the world of The Walking Dead.

  • Rayman Jungle Run

    £1.99, iTunes

    A beautiful, one-touch game in which you make the cheeky Rayman run and hop around a variety of obstacles. Top-quality fun!

  • To the City of the Clouds

    £1.49, iTunes

    An interactive novel in which you choose your own, occasionally sexy, adventure in a lost city. Like a book, but better.

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