Lisa Smosarski reflects on what she was doing, talking about and watching in 2009.

Stylist’s editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski: “What my life looked like in 2009”

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In October 2009, the first issue of Stylist was published and magazine history was made. Now, 10 years later, we look back at what our editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski was talking about in 2009 – and what she wishes she had paid more attention to.    

Lisa Smosarski has spent 10 years at the helm of Stylist, and in that time plenty has changed.

We’ve had four prime ministers, three royal weddings and four royal babies. We binge watch Netflix shows like they’re going out of fashion, and women’s football is now shown on our major TV channels.

Of course, there’s been lots of personal change for Smosarski in 10 years as well. This week, as Stylist turns 10, Smosarski reflects on what her world looked like in 2009, and everything that has changed since.

10 years ago

I was about…

I was going to move house. I got married weeks before I started at Stylist and started the day after my honeymoon. It was a bit of a crazy whirlwind of a time!

I was reading…

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Both had a huge impact on me – in very different ways.

I was listening to…

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now were the songs of my honeymoon and wedding so I think of them whenever I think of 2009. Also a lot of Beyonce, Kings of Leon and Amy Winehouse.

I was wearing…

I remember wearing a lot of tight-fitting Whistles and Reiss dresses to work, always with a pair of heels (my poor feet). I was also a fan of skinny jeans with ballet pumps.

I was watching…

I was obsessed with Mad Men, Peep Show and was still desperately wondering how Lost was going to end (I wasn’t happy when I finally found out).

I was talking about…

Patrick Swayze dying, Twitter emerging and how to tweet anything interesting, the launch of Stylist.

I was obsessed with…

My relatively new iPhone, avocado on toast and brunch, nights out at Guilty Pleasures.

I wish I’d paid more attention to…

Work/life balance. It was something we talked about but now it’s something people actually do! We worked crazy, long hours back then… I’m always amazed when I reflect on that. Now people leave and go to the gym or do something life-enriching after work; that was an alien idea to me in 2009.

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