This new high street service will teach you how to check for breast cancer

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Anything that makes checking our breasts easier is a win.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and we’re regularly told about the importance of checking our breasts.

But it can sometimes be confusing to know what to look for, and when something is a cause for concern, meaning that some people decide to forgo exams altogether.

To help, charity CoppaFeel! has teamed up with Superdrug to offer no touch consultations on how to carry out breast exams. The charity has trained nurses at 56 health clinics at Superdrug stores across the UK how to talk to patients about how and when to check themselves at home.

CoppaFeel! launches new breast exam service with Superdrug. Image: Press Association

CoppaFeel! has teamed up with Superdrug on the breast exam consultations

The move comes as new research conducted on behalf of the high street retailer reveals that 82% of women and 63% of men feel uncomfortable discussing changes in their breasts.

CoppaFeel’s Sophie Dopierala, director of education and health comms, said: “Our annual research shows for most women who aren’t checking their breasts, knowledge on what to look for remains the main barrier.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Superdrug. Using their trained nurses to encourage people on how to check their boobs or pecs will ensure we are reaching a whole new audience with the breast awareness message.”

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CoppaFeel! and Superdrug’s initiative follows in the footsteps of the charity’s own video guide on carrying out a breast exam.

Last year, Breast Cancer Care launched an Amazon Alexa tool, which also aims to make breast exams easier.

The tool is a spoken tutorial designed to be used as a skill on Amazon Alexa, meaning users can ask Alexa to guide them through their breast check.

Checking your breasts regularly is essential, and anything that makes the experience easier and less intimidating, whether it’s technology or in-person advice, is welcome.

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