Your favourite Sylvanian Families have been given a seriously adult makeover

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Every single millennial remembers Sylvanian Families, don’t they? They were the tiny felt animals everyone was obsessed with back in the Nineties, not least of all because they were boxed up in sets of perfect little nuclear units: a mummy, a daddy and at least one small child (more often, though, there’d be two).

If you owned them, we imagine that you spent many a happy hour dressing them up in their teeny-weeny clothes, making them chat in funny, gruff little voices and staging tiny dramas for them to uncover on their sleek and shiny (and incredibly small) canal boat.

If you, like this unhappy writer, didn’t have a single felt critter to your name, you spent a lot of time wondering what it was really like to be a Sylvanian Families kinda gal. You’d make friends with the sort of kids you hoped might have a stash of them in their bedroom, so you could have at them whenever you went to play around their house.

Nowadays, of course, things are different. The wee families have been carefully stashed away in wardrobes, attics and basements, their individual personalities and back-stories all but forgotten. The canal boat has been flogged at a jumble sale (which is a shame, as it’s now worth a fortune on eBay). And the envy has (almost) completely faded away.

What hasn’t faded away, though, is that strange fascination we will forever have with them. Which is why we’re beyond obsessed with foul-mouthed Sylvanian Families parody account, @forest_fr1ends, on Twitter.

The always-winning formula is the juxtaposition of Sylvanian Families toys’ sweet faces and twee outfits with seriously adult captions, making for some pretty hilarious posts.

Few more, for fun?

And for good measure, here’s one incredibly timely pop culture reference:

Erm, we’re basically obsessed. Consider us friends of @forest_fr1ends henceforth.

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