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Take Me Out is turning the tables to celebrate its 10th series. 

It’s been eight years since Paddy McGuinness first introduced audiences across the land to the concept of a ‘love lift’ and the instantly iconic catchphrase: “No likey… no lighty!” 

Since then, the show has matched up countless couples (some lasting, most… not) within the parameters of its simple-but-genius format. Man descends in a lift to be greeted by 30 young women on podiums, who register interest by not pressing the invitingly large button in front of them. If the man makes it through three rounds (only the most robust survive the ‘talent’ section) with at least one light on, he’s secured himself a date to the exotic ‘Isle of Fernando’.

Whilst the old adage that if something ain’t broke, there’s little reason to try fixing it remains forever wise, there’s no denying that after nine seasons, Take Me Out has scant by the way of surprise up its sleeves. 

Which is why the news of a special ITV episode, to celebrate 10 seasons of matchmaking, has got us excited. The series 10 opener, due to air on Saturday 24 February, will be switching things up by getting 30 men to take over buzzer duties, while three single women take their turn in the love lift. 

The ‘flirty 30’, will be drawn from former contestants on the show who, presumably, did not find long-term love during their first TV stint. 

The reveal has led many to question whether any ‘blackouts’ (total rejection of a player) will occur, owing to the fact that men, as one Twitter user put it, are “less picky”. With previous blackouts caused by triggers such as ‘country music’ and the name ‘Dave’, they may have a point. 

While the gender-swapping episode is currently a one-off, the tenth series will also feature a special with women over the age of 50 and catch up those couples who did manage to go the distance. 

We’ll certainly be tuning in. 

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Moya Lothian-McLean

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