This is your tarot reading for spring, according to your star sign

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Unlock your personal power with advice from Hollywood tarot card reader Melinda Lee Holm.

The mystical may not be a typical topic at Stylist, but in times of uncertainty, looking to the stars can be a soothing, anxiety-abating experience for some. Mystic Melinda Lee Holm is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated tarot card readers and a friend of Brie’s, who she first met six years ago. Here, she reads the cards exclusively for Stylist readers.

“Drawing Tarot cards for guidance can help us to open avenues of inquiry and direction in life we otherwise wouldn’t consider,” says Holm. “I asked the cards what wisdom would be most helpful for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac to step into greater personal power this spring. Read on for my take on how to put the messages of the cards into action along with a crystal recommendation for each to amp up the energy.”


Aries - 7 of Cups

Let your outwardly fiery nature take a back seat to your emotional core, Aries. You’re ready to find what truly lights you up inside. Dig deep and take time to really feel it out. Great strength lies in discovering what’s most worth fighting for.

Power crystal: Peacock Ore 

Taurus - Queen of Swords

Let your heart sing, Taurus - literally. Expressing your emotions will get you everywhere. Whether through song, prose, or conversation, use your voice. Your love of comfort could make you hesitant to speak your mind. Operate from a place of kindness and you can’t go wrong.

Power crystal: Aquamarine

Gemini - King of Wands

You enjoy considering many plans of action, Gemini, but it’s time to pick one and go. Focus in on one big project and put all your energy behind it. You’ll likely find that things click into place as if by magic once you get moving.

Power crystal: Labradorite

Cancer - Queen of Pentacles

Lean into your instincts, Cancer, and let your emotions guide you as you create the world you want to live in. Adjustments to your material world push you ahead - home repairs, career advancement, anything that upgrades the physical surroundings of your life while filling your heart.

Power crystal: Aventurine

Leo - 2 of Swords

It’s decision time, Leo! While you may have one big one in mind, take care to exercise excellent judgment in all choices, big and small. Sometimes the decision that benefits us most is not the one with immediate glory. Weigh all options carefully for maximum success.

Power crystal: Fluorite


Virgo - The High Priestess

You’re all about devotion, Virgo, and allowing yourself to be fully devoted to your dreams means setting and maintaining strong, healthy boundaries. Polish them up this spring by refining your daily habits, patterns of behavior, and communication with others. Freshen your temple and flourish.

Power crystal: Moonstone

Libra - 3 of Cups

There’s strength in numbers for you this Spring, Libra! Look to friends and associates who make you feel calm, confident, and appreciated to be your collaborators in work and in life. Your attraction to partnership is a great asset in achieving your goals.

Power crystal: Rhodonite


Scorpio - The Star

Your ability to dive deep into the collective consciousness serves you well this spring, Scorpio. Picture yourself in a long line of powerful women stretching back to the beginning of time. Their fierce determination throughout history fuels your drive today.

Power crystal: Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal

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Sagittarius - The World

Your distaste for routine is a great asset this spring, Sagittarius. A new era is dawning. Say a final goodbye to anything in your past that doesn’t fit with your vision of your future and step through the open doorway into a bright tomorrow.

Power crystal: Black Tourmaline

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Capricorn - 5 of Cups

It’s time to feel some feelings you’ve been avoiding, Capricorn. Your practical sensibility can lead to neglect of emotional processing. Carve out some time and a cozy space and allow your emotions to bubble over. Getting through this purge is your key to moving forward with grace and confidence.

Power crystal: Emerald


Aquarius - 8 of Swords

Your big dreams are ready for some structure, Aquarius. Don’t worry, not in an oppressive, routine sense. More like building a foundation to support them as they grow and evolve. Take time to put systems in place that will work for you now and into the future.

Power crystal: Garnet

Pisces - Page of Pentacles

This spring is all about building, Pisces. Tap into your well of high ideals and set out to form a brave new world. Your natural curiosity and creativity are heightened now, so dream big and be willing to take risks for growth.

Power crystal: Pyrite

Illustrations: Sophy Hollington

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