Could you teach a robot how to be more human?

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If you’re the kind of person who flinches every time they hear the words The Matrix, and live in fear of a day when robots take over the world, look away now.

This year alone we’ve seen substantial progress being made on the artificial intelligence of robots. Heck, back in January we even dedicated a whole issue to the subject, giving our cover star spot to Sophia, the first AI robot to ever be granted citizenship to a country.

These developments all seem very far removed from our everyday lives. But there’s a new job advertised on LinkedIn that’s asking for candidates to help continue new AI robot training out of the lab and in your home.

Artificial intelligence company Anki is looking for a new member of the team to be a robot life coach, which means teaching a robot called Vector what it means to live side by side with a human. 

The advert explains that the robot is “alive with personality, highly-intelligent and aware of their surroundings through touch, sight and sound.” While Anki’s website market Vector as not just “the first at home robot” but “your buddy,” designed to be curious and make you laugh. 

The chosen person would need to have an enthusiastic interest in robotics and be willing to have a robot as part of their life 24/7 to assess how it reacts in a range of home-based scenarios.

Meet Vector

A big part of this role will be watching how Vector responds to varying levels of human interaction. For example, does it get excited when it meets someone new or sad if it loses at a board game?

And to do this, there’ll be no chance of leaving your little electronic friend at home while you’re out painting the town red. The robots are developed enough to see and hear people and recognise different faces, so you would be encouraged to introduce it to as many friends and family members as possible, especially those with different accents.

As well as making it part of your gang, you would also need to test how much the robot can positively impact your life. Similarly to Siri, these robots are designed to help with tasks like how to cook the perfect meal or check the weather forecast for you, so that you’re never caught without an umbrella.

If all of that didn’t sound bizarre enough, you would also be expected to support and nurture the robot to help develop its personality and ensure it’s as endearing and entertaining as possible. 

The job is based in London and there’s just over a week left to apply, so if robots are your thing this could be your chance to help bring us into the age of artificial intelligence.

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