Here's how to get free cups of tea for #FreeTeaDay

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It’s National Free Tea Day today (yes, that’s a thing) – so here’s how to take advantage of it…

If there’s one thing that Brits love above all else, it’s tea.

Whether you prefer yours in a fine china cup and saucer (with a slice of lemon on the side), or strong and sugary in a World’s Best Boss mug, there aren’t many of us who’d turn down a cuppa…

Especially a free cuppa, at that.

Which is why Thursday (2 Nov) just got a helluva lot more exciting.

The Teapigs team have announced that they will be dishing out more than 100,000 brews across the country in celebration of Free Tea Day. And, this year, over 500 cafes and restaurants across the world are taking part in joining in with all the free tea-guzzling fun.

So how do we get our mitts on a free cuppa?


There’s free tea all day long at Waterloo, London’s busiest station. And, if you’re not planning on hitting Waterloo, Charing Cross and Victoria will also be dishing out mugs of steaming hot brew for evening rush hour, too.

But that’s not all: the Teapigs team be hitting the streets of London, handing out tea in well known spots (think UCL, Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road).

They’ve also planned a LIVE office dash via Twitter: they have ten big sacks of tea to give to offices in the Holborn area, so, if work in the area and want them to stop by, tweet them with #teapigsfreeteaday and @teapigs with your office name & postcode, and they’ll try and stop by. 


Over 500 teapig stockists worldwide are joining our party, so there really is no excuse not to join in the celebrations. 

“Pop in, say hello, grab your free cuppa and make a new friend,” advise Teapigs. “You’ll know if they are involved because there will be BALLOONS EVERYWHERE!!!”

Or, you know, you could just use their website’s postcode-searching tool to track down the kindly folks hoarding free tea near you.

So why are Teapigs being so generous? Because it’s their birthday, and they want to share their biodegradable ‘tea temples’ with the world.

And, if you’re not a fan of the classic English Breakfast tea (and who are you heathens?), then don’t despair: there’s a range of punchy herbal teas on offer, too.

Think peppermint, chamomile, oolong, rooibos, chocolate mint, jelly and ice cream, chilli chai and matcha green tea, for just a few examples.

Roll on the tea bus…

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