19 ways to nail the terracotta interiors trend for £50 and under

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Megan Murray

This rich, earthy tone is taking over our Pinterest feeds… and for good reason.

As the summer sizzles on, it seems we’re becoming increasingly influenced by the hot weather, in everything from our sunny-hued wardrobes to warm-toned interiors.

In fact, Pinterest reports a 95% increase in saves on the website of terracotta-themed trends, with particular focus on homewares and interior design inspiration. 

The shade’s deliciously rich, earthy red and brown tones are taking over this season, and will be staying put as we ease out of a blistering summer and into the golden months of autumn. 

There are plenty of ways to work the terracotta trend, from subtle dining room touches (think a burnt orange mug or glass) to a bigger statement piece, such as a terracotta rug.

What’s even better, is that when it comes to terracotta, rules simply don’t apply. This shade comes in a myriad of depths and variations, so anything from rust, to a rich yellow, to a deep orange will look spot on.

To make adopting this toasty trend easy, we’ve put together an edit of our favourite terracotta-hued homeware pieces for under £50, all of which can be added to an existing room for a subtle touch. 








And for those looking to splurge on a terracotta treat…


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