Recognise any of these? New book compiles drunken, hopeful and embarrassing texts from exes

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Amy Swales
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You wake up to a missed call (or five) and a string of increasingly indecipherable messages, and you know one of two things has happened: either your best mate knows you will find their drunken ramblings hilarious to scroll through on the bus to work, or an ex has been in touch.

The Unspirational Instagram account @textsfromyourex has been going strong since last year, inviting users to screenshot and submit their exchanges with drunk, angry or just plain hopeful exes, and has amassed 1.5million followers along the way.

Now following the huge success of the account, the man behind it, Elan Gale, is publishing a book compiling some of the funniest and most cringe-making messages - and their equally hilarious responses.

Take a look at just a few of the awkward (and occasionally deluded) exchanges below. Warning: may bring back memories of terrible, terrible relationships.

Words: Amy Swales / Images: @textsfromyourex

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Amy Swales

Amy Swales is a freelance writer who likes to eat, drink and talk about her dog. She will continue to plunder her own life and the lives of her loved ones for material in the name of comedy, catharsis and getting pictures of her dog on the internet.