The 3 female K-pop bands you should listen to, according to an 11-year-old girl

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On International Day of the Girl, relocated to Blenheim High School. A team of brilliant and opinionated girls aged 11 to 16 took over the website to have their say on the issues that matters most to them.

Here, Neerdha, 11, explains the buzz behind K-pop, the musical revolution that leaves her feeling empowered and refreshed. 

If you’re unsure what K-pop is, it’s just a shortened way to say Korean pop. A type of music that’s famous for its beats and chart-topping songs. Personally I love it because the beat and rhythm give you a fresh and empowered feeling, and I think everyone should try and listen to it.

K-pop is really popular, it’s controlling the world. Girls and young women in the UK love it so much that they won’t hesitate to express their love for it. In fact, I heard about a girl from the south of England who decorated her whole room with pictures and posters of her favourite K-pop band. 

One of the most famous K-pop bands in the UK is BTS. They came to England recently on tour, and in August they became the first K-pop group to have a Top 40 in the UK Official Singles Charts.

But even though I love BTS, I’m a huge fan of female K-pop bands. Here are some of the best around – and you never know, you could learn some Korean from listening.

Black Pink

This is a famous K-pop band that’s regarded as a world-wide favourite. This band, which is made up of Lisa, Jisoon, Rosé and Jennie, shows that women know how to rap, sing and dance. They show strength, passion and power. Even after a long day they still stay together like a family.

They are particularly known for their unique beat that has a rhythm that can boost a bad day. Their lyrics are also known to talk about relationship problems, like the song Playing With Fire. Start listening to them and before you know it the rhythm and beat will get stuck in your head and melt your heart with love!

The best bit is that they’ve beaten popular artists in the charts, even Drake. And their song Du Ddu Du topped records for getting the most views on YouTube in 24 hours.


This band is iconic. The name represents what the group believes in and supported: being against oppression of all freedom. It was suggested, however, that the record company had more to do with the decision rather than the girls themselves. The band haven’t performed together in a long time, as Fin.K.L unofficially ended in 2002.

But even after that the they all stayed successful in the industry, even after being separated as a band. This makes me think that if life does go upside down, there will always be something good as an end result. 

Miss A 

Bad Girl Good Girl was their most empowering song. It pays homage to Destiny’s Child’s song Independent Woman Part III. Another anthem of theirs which feels really feminist is I Don’t Need A Man, which shows that women can be independent.

Out of all of these, my favourite band is Black Pink. They have everything I could want from musicians because their songs are fiery and snappy. 

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