The bins have eyes…

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Who would have thought something as simple as sticking a pair of googly eyes on an inanimate object could result in such whimsical, witty street art? German photographer Timm Schneider took to the streets and transformed everyday objects like bins and letterboxes into beady-eyed objects.

With the addition of a couple of painted Ping-Pong balls, a coffee cup suddenly seems to have a life of its own, while innocent pedestrians do a double-take when confronted with a bin that looks like the Cookie Monster.

The 28-year-old artist is happy to hand over his creations to the general public, explaining "Most people are thrilled when they see my artwork on the street, I think because of the simplicity and the humorous nature. I don't feel like the typical artist selling artworks in galleries. I am just having fun and define my own border of what is art measured on the reaction of the public."

Pictures: Timm Schneider/Rex Features

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