Fans lose it over first glimpse of Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot filming

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One of the creators of the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch has shared a first look of filming, and it’s cuter than you could have ever hoped for.

Last month the confirmed cast for the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot was revealed. Now, just as we’ve about managed to calm ourselves down, we’ve been given a first look at glimpses of filming for the new series. 

Thanks to our die-hard love of the show that educated our younger years, on everything from how to rock butterfly hair clips to the badassery of being raised by a house full of women, we’ve been on the edge of our proverbial seats waiting for updates on the new show. 

And it seems, so has the rest of the internet. 

 Fellow fans will of course remember that alongside Sabrina, a normal teenage girl who also happens to be part of a long lineage of witches, the show focused on her high school boyfriend Harvey. 

Impossibly sweet, Harvey was a classic Nineties heartthrob with floppy hair, a place on the football team and eventually became one of the Spellman family’s most trusted allies after finding out Sabrina’s secret. 

It may have been just over 20 years since the original TV series aired, but the reboot named The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has resurrected the youngster’s love - and we’re over the moon about it. 

Riverdale creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who’s working on the new show, has taken to Twitter to throw eager fans some Sabrina and Harvey shaped crumbs. Last night (4 April) he posted this picture of filming which shows the new actors Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch holding hands. 

The writer captioned the photo: “Well, it’s out there. A 1st look at Harvey and Sabrina from the ’Chilling Adventures of #Sabrina.’ ADORBS, right?”

It’s fair to say, fans online have absolutely lost it. 

Replying to Aguirre-Sacasa, hordes of Twitter users have expressed their unabashed glee and overwhelming excitement in anticipation for the new series. 

One Twitter user made it crystal clear that she approved of the casting decision for Harvey 2.0, writing: “O.M.G HARVEY KINKLE HAS BEEN UPGRADED!!! Having such a teenager ‘heartthrob crush’ moment!!”

Another was so overwhelmed with joy, they struggled to convey an entirely coherent message, writing: “*unintelligible screaming*”.

One Sabrina fan, although seemingly excited for the new show, also commented on the five year age gap between the co-stars and wondered if this would affect their dynamic. 

While others just couldn’t let go of their love for the original cast, posting pictures of Melissa Joan Hart and Nate Richert who first starred as Sabrina and Harvey. 

Old Sabrina and Harvey, new Sabrina and Harvey; personally we love ‘em all. 

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