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The shortlist for the world's best offices has been announced as part of the World Festival of Interiors event, Inside, which will take place in Singapore in October.

The global festival and awards programme celebrates the very best in interior design and architecture, and gives us the opportunity to have a nosy around other people's work places.

But it also gives us the chance to see some incredible pieces of design and how its changing global interiors. There's the endless desk, which, if you haven't already guessed is totally awesome, an indoor running track and one office even boasts it's own 'James Bond' room.

From a bank in New Zealand to an architects firm in New Delhi, behold some of the most amazing work spaces - just imagine what it would be like to have a meeting in any of these!

Architect's Office

What is it? This architects' office been designed as an open office space, designed for people to work in a creative environment, and a workplace to enjoy. The office space is split on two levels, with the lower to be used as the primary workstation area. The upperlevel front office space is narrow and used as a gallery but boasts a fixed glass roof, allowing light to come through to the lower interior space. The lower part has open workstations connected by cantilevered wooden steps, which open out from the front office.

Where: New Delhi

Designed by: Spaces Architects @ka


What is it? Young entrepreneurs use this space to start their own business. Thanks to municipal financial support, the space is free for people to use and provides space, networking, education and some financial consulting. The space is designed as a mini city allowing different parts and purposes to interact with each other.

Where: South Korea

Designed by: Hyunjoon Yoo Architects, in Seoul, South Korea

(Images: Images: Jihye Choi) Headquarters

What is it? This is national nonprofit company that has channelled over £138 million ($237 million) in books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources to more than a million students in low-income public schools.

Where: New York

Designed by: Chicago-based architects Eight Inc

(Image: Images: SGM Photography)

ASB North Wharf

What is it? Based on the idea of transparency, the ASB North Wharf is designed to provide an easy-to-navigate space for customers, the public and the staff interact with the building. The atrium is designed with shipping and nautical references, five colours are used throughout the building that reference the nautical colours used in navigation signage.

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

Designed by: BVN Donovan Hill in association with Jasmax, Auckland

(Images: John Gollings)

The Barbarian Group

What is it? This radically simplified office concept imagines an endless table that physically connects everyone in the office to each other. By maintaining surface continuity, this results in arches with grotto-like spaces underneath which can accommodate a variety of amenities, meeting spaces, private focused workspace, or bookshelves and other storage.

Where: New York

Designed by: Clive Wilkinson Architects

ANZ Tower

What is it? ANZ is one of the world's strongest banks, with its origins in Australia and New Zealand. Workplace design is acknowledged as one of the keys to its ongoing success, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness and helping it recruit and retain the best people in a very competitive market. Set inside a transparent office tower, HASSELL introduced a series of intimate, three-storey pocket atriums, linked by open staircases.

Where: Sydney, Australia

Designed by: HASSELL

(Images: Earl Carter)

Architect's office at Kim Yam Road

What is it? This space was originally a school compound and the brief for this was to create an 'anti-office'', to celebrate informal space in the corridor, staff office and library.

Where: Singapore

Designed by: Park + Associates Pte Ltd


What is it? Arkwright is a European consultancy that specialise in strategic advice. Their new office space, created for 40-50 employees, includes workspaces, reception and back office, kitchen canteen and meeting rooms. They've even got a "James Bond" room, which is a windowless space in the middle of the lower level. The room features wood-panelled walls and leather furniture intended to create a sophisticated, and probably very 007, feel.

Where: Oslo, Norway

Designed by: Haptic Architects

National Australia Bank

What is it? Located in Melbourne’s Docklands, 700 Bourke Street is a pivotal new workplace building for National Australia Bank. The triangular floorplate is divided into eight zones that act as Home Zones for approximately 50 people. At the nucleus, a “Huddle” space is used for impromptu, collaborative meetings.

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Designed by: Woods Bagot

Flamingo Office

What is it? This was a renovation of an industrial roof space in Shanghai and was created into offices for creative agency Flamingo. Essentially, this was a flat roof converted to a workable space with the addition of a steel A-frame structure. The idea was to exaggerate and enhance the experience of the existing condition of occupying the space within the eaves of a roof—like an attic.

Where: Shanghai, China

Designed by: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

(Images: Dirk Weiblen)

Factory Office Renovation

What is it? This is a factory renovation project for a garment firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The refurbishment is concentrated on two sections, one on the upper floor for administrative office and another small one on the ground floor for the reception. The remaining space is left for manufacturing work that continued to operate even during the construction period.

Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Designed by: Vo Trong Nghia Architects

(Images: Hiroyuki Oki)

What is it? Located in the Bostancı district on the Asian side of Istanbul, this office space is spread over two floors and emphasises not only on working spaces but relaxation and interaction areas as well. Designed with the spirit of the brand at its core, the new offices for this growing tech company sets out to enhance employee productivity through a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Boardrooms, meeting rooms and working areas are located on the second floor and on the ground floor is a 250m running track (!), a basketball court, fitness area and café.

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Designed by: Erginoğlu&Çalışlar Architecture, Turkey

(Images: Emre Dörter)


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