The Cry: the questions we’re left with after the finale

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Helen Bownass
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Warning: this article contains spoilers for episode four of The Cry

Jenna Coleman as Joanna 

1. Should we fully trust Jo?

We know that Alistair was to blame for the death of Noah after emotionally manipulating Joanna into believing she was responsible by giving him the wrong medicine – thanks in part to that letter from the nice lady on the plane.

We also know Joanna killed her fiancée in a car crash, by loosening his seatbelt just as they were going round a bend (although we don’t know if she thought she’d die too). But at no point in court did she admit that she knew their baby had died and hadn’t been taken and that she’d been involved in the cover-up – even when she had the chance to tell the truth in court.  

Jenna Colman in The Cry

Jenna Coleman in The Cry

2. Why did Jo wear red to court?

It’s minor, but we’re curious why she’d wear a red dress in court?  Although we’re also wondering if there’s there some significance to it being the same red dress she wore in an earlier flashback scene when she was kissing Alistair?  

Jenna Coleman and Stella Gonet in The Cry 

3. Does Alistair’s mum know her son was evil?

We’re guessing at a yes here. Not only did Lorna witness them arguing in the garden and have that emotional conversation with him before the family went back to Scotland, she was also by Jo’s side when she woke up in hospital and throughout the court case. 

Although if she knew Jo was involved in the cover-up of Noah’s death we wonder if she’d be quite so supportive? 

Jenna Coleman in The Cry 

4. How did Joanna know where Noah was buried? 

After the agony of discovering that Noah wasn’t buried under the tree by the beach, it looked like we might never find out where the baby’s body was. But the end of the drama saw Joanna moving to Australia and to the (crucially!) newly built house her and Alistair had visited. 

When Joanna later saw the photo he took of her there on his phone, she somehow knew the baby was buried under the floorboards. We think  because the angle of the photo Alistair took of her was so bizarre that it was a signal of sorts. 

Markella Kavenagh as Chloe 

5. What does Chloe know?

It was a haunting image; Alistair’s daughter Chloe stood outside the court holding a picture of her baby brother as Jo emerged cleared of any wrongdoing. Interesting that it wasn’t a picture of Chloe’s dad though. So perhaps she knows Alistair was rotten but wants justice for Noah. 

We wonder if there’s a plan for a second series that will see her trying to uncover the truth? 

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