Inspirational advice to get you through life's tough times, as shared by Stylist readers

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When you're at your lowest, darkest point the best thing to do is to turn to a close friend or loved one for some sound advice. We wanted to capture that invaluable moment by creating a go-to guide for whenever you're feeling disheartened and defeated. That is why we asked thousands of you for the words that have got your through your toughest hour. Below is a selection of the most moving and motivating nuggets of wisdom.

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  • On hope

  • On uncertainty

  • On acceptance

  • On your darkest moment

  • On letting go

  • On resilience

  • On patience

  • On life's ups and downs

  • On fresh starts

  • On hindsight

  • On getting through

  • On perspective

  • On comparison

  • On anxiety

  • On fate

  • On focus

  • On acceptance

  • On bravery

  • On toxicity

  • On goals

  • On balance

  • On destiny

  • On the little things

  • On battling through

  • On moving on

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