The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, Netflix did: film disappears just in time for December

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Jessica Rapana
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The Grinch: Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen in The Grinch.

The streaming platform appears to have removed the film just in time for Christmas, and viewers are not feeling so jolly about it.

Hey Netflix, where’s your Christmas spirit?

So came the rallying cry of disappointed viewers yesterday when the platform seemed to simultaneously pull How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Love Actually, two festive films for the ages, from its archives, less than a month before Christmas. 

While many viewers had been eagerly awaiting the official beginning of the festive season yesterday, 1 December, to revel in their favourite seasonal classics, many were dismayed to find both of the iconic films had disappeared that same day from the platform’s UK, Australia and New Zealand sites.

Understandably, the internet did not take well to the news: many shouty tweets and very clever memes ensued.

“Imagine channelling your inner Scrooge and ruining Christmas by taking The Grinch off your platform… thanks @NetflixUK kids crying,” one Twitter user wrote.

“@NetflixUK how come you guys have taken The Grinch off Netflix on the 1st December? It was on there yesterday. I don’t think the Grinch stole Christmas, you guys have,” another wrote.

“This is serious – I mean the good one, the Jim Carrey one. WTF!? Someone’s heart’s two sizes too small,” someone else wrote.

“Is this an actual joke??? CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.”

Thankfully, all is not lost Grinch fans: the film will air on on ITV2 this Sunday 8 December at 4pm.

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