The inflatable pillow arm that lets you read your phone in the bath

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As natural born bath lovers, we've had many a moment where our phones are perched gingerly just an inch above the soap suds.

Reading in the bath is one of life's finer indulgences, but you always have to weigh that joy against the risk of dropping - and killing - your device.

Now a genius new invention has solved the quandary, with the creation of an inflatable pillow arm that lets you read your phone hands-free in the tub. 

The handy smartphone gadget is made by Japanese company Thanko and comes with a Velcro patch for securing your phone, as well as a splash-proof plastic cover. 

The design features a comfy headrest and is available in three different shades; white, pink or grey.

The manufacturers suggest that lazy types can even use the inflatable pillow outside of the bath, for any occasion where they feel like reading hands-free; in bed, for example.

The same company came up with the idea of this collapsible laptop holder that allows people to work lying down. So it's pretty well-versed in the art of technology for the idle-minded.

The bath pillow design should accommodate most standard-sized smartphones and buying one from the Japan Trend Shop will set you back around £24 - a fair price for a lifetime of laziness, we reckon. Count us in!

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