The most unusual, wacky and spectacular houses in the world

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If you're after a home with character and charm take a look at these creations.

The ten houses featured below challenge the boundaries of a conventional home, from the world's narrowest building (just over 1 metre) to a converted Boeing 727.

Some are more extravagant than others, such as seashell-shaped home adorned with stained-glass, while others are more philosophical, for example a home with a giant tree at its core to inspire deep thinking.

Take a look at our round up below. It'll make you reconsider what defines your 'dream home'...

Tree in the house, Kazakhstan

Image: Rex Features

A home with a tree growing through the centre of it has been designed for a couple in Kazakhstan. "A place where you could sit with a friend to discuss ideas and philosophise," is how the building, scheduled to be built in 2016, is described. It will be situated in a forest on the mountains of Almaty in Kazakhstan and will take over five months to build. Architect Aibek Almasov of A.Masow Design Studio is behind the build.

Transparent home in Japan

Designed for a young couple in a quiet Tokyo neighbourhood, the 914 square-foot transparent house contrasts the typical concrete block walls seen in most of Japan’s dense residential areas. Inspired by the ancient concept of living in a tree, "House NA" is comprised of 21 individual floor plates at various heights, that satisfy the clients desire to live as nomads within their own home.

The innovative Japanese company behind the design, Sou Fujimoto Architects, have recently unveiled plans for a tower block shaped like a pine cone.

The Magical Teapot house, Scotland

Earlier this year, a teapot-shaped house went on the market for £10,000. The two-storey detached structure, 21 ft in diameter, was originally designed as a wood-drying shed by sculptor and artist Ian Hunter, but has now been fully refurbished. The entrance is a drop-down door in the spout and the staircase is in the handle.


Piano House in China

Image: via Pinterest

This piano-shaped home with an accompanying violin entrance has been a spectacle amongst locals in the An Hui Province since it was built in 2007 by architectural students at Hefei University of Technology. The building has escalators, meeting rooms, a space to host weddings and is now also a tourist attraction.

The world's narrowest house, Poland

Images: via Pinterest

Barely over 1 meter wide (120cm/47in), the ‘Keret House' is built in the tiny space between two buildings situated 22 Chłodna Street and 74 Żelazna Street in the Wola district of Poland.

Designed by Polish designer Jakub Szczesny, it features a bedroom, study area, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. It's said to be used by Isreali writer Etgar Keret.

The Herring-shaped house in Sweden

Image: via Pinterest

This woodland micro house takes the shape of Swden's favourite fish, the herring. Its exterior replicates that of a fish in movement and the wooden roof imitates a fish's scales. The architect Torsten Ottesjö was inspired by the idea that some people love their car more than their house. He comfortable and more attracted to the spaces that seem closer to their size than a space that is huge.

Aeroplane home, USA

Images: Bruce Campbell/, John Brecher/

Retired engineer Bruce Campbell, of Portland, Oregon has transformed a Boeing 727 aircraft into an offbeat hideaway in the woods. Back in 1998, Bruce purchased a 10-acre plot of land and a year later he bought the retired jet for £60,000. He then spent the next decade removing the seats and engines, and installing electricity, a shower and a kitchen, as well as restoring the windows, lights and outer furnishing.

Seashell home in Mexico

The Nautilus House in Mexico City is an amazing shell-shaped building, home to a young family of two children who were tired of living in a conventional home. The build is inspired by the work of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright and features curved walls, spiral stairs and colourful stained glass.

It was designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica and built in 2006.

Spaceship house, USA

Lemar Koethe isn't your average farmer. He's a millionaire real estate mogul - owning 54 soy and corn farms - and lives in this spaceship-inspired house in Urbandale, Iowa. It contains a spiral staircase rising 35 feet to the main living area, panoramic view of the area, a large recreation center with an art display area and a wash bay.

Dome Home, Thailand


Enterprising flight attendant Steve Areen built his dream property - a Thailand-based "dome home" - in just six weeks and for under £6,000. Steve constructed the enchanting 500-square foot terracotta enclave on a mango farm in northeast Thailand three years ago. There's a grass roof, a thatched gazebo with a hammock for whiling lazy days away and a glass screen overlooking a pond flanked by palm trees.

Words: Sejal Kapadia

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