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If you’re in the market for a new (free) self-care podcast, we’ve got your number

The best wellness podcasts provide practical tips and stories within a friendly, inclusive space. They make you feel like whatever turmoil is going on in your head, it’s totally OK. 

It’s a special kind of alchemy, and one that US-based series The One You Feed has down to a fine art.

The long-running podcast is perhaps less well-known than some of our favourites here in the UK; Fearne Cotton’s brilliant Happy Place, for example, or the widely loved Untangle

But when it comes to guidance on mental health issues, it’s every inch as nourishing. 

The premise of The One You Feed revolves around an ancient parable that says we all have two wolves within us: one good, and one bad. The one that wins is the one you feed.

So every week, creators Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes curate conversations with experts on how to feed your good wolf, and create a life worth living.

A grey wolf in the wild outdoors

Want to create a life worth living? Find out how to feed your good wolf

Co-host Zimmer is a behavioural coach and author; but he was also once a homeless heroin addict, so he knows a lot about recovery and turning your life around. 

Together with Forbes, he interviews a whole range of thinkers, from scientists to authors and spiritual gurus, on how to find fulfillment and happiness. 

Part of the podcast’s appeal lies in the sheer scope of topics tackled by the two broadcasters. 

A given week might find you listening to anything from productivity hacks to a discussion on dealing with grief, or how to meditate with a restless mind.

Self-care podcasts are on the rise right now, and can be a great source of support for various mental health issues

At the same time, all these diverse themes are brought together under the broad umbrella of self-care.

So, you’re effectively being guided across a myriad of small steps, some of which you never even thought of - say, radical love - in order to live a life of meaning.

And, though some of the podcast titles sound like they’ll be quite abstract (“Miguel Chen on punk rock and Buddhism”), the co-hosts always tease out a series of tangible, very practical tips from the conversations.

And their matter-of-fact, empathetic approach really helps steer the upbeat feel of the show. 

Get a taster for what lies ahead with Zimmer’s TED talk on the battle of changing your behaviour. Want to feed your good wolf? Download the podcast for free here

Do you suffer from mental health issues? Seek confidential health and support with Mind

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