The Queen has settled that long-running scone debate, once and for all

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Helen Booth
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A former royal chef has served up some the crucial information about how the Queen likes her afternoon tea.

If there’s one baked good that causes a surprising amount of controversy, it has to be the humble scone.

Whether you pronounce it scone as in ‘gone’, or scone as in ‘bone’, there’s always someone nearby who will argue in favour of the alternative.

And the heated debate doesn’t stop with pronunciation.

It also turns out that how you ‘dress’ your scone is also a touchy subject – specifically, whether you spread the jam on first, or the cream.

Going with clotted cream first is typically favoured in Devon, while a Cornish cream tea usually means jam first.

And if former royal chef Darren McGrady is to be believed, the Queen sides with the latter.

Taking to Twitter, the ex-Buckingham Palace staffer wrote: “The Queen always had home-made Balmoral jam first (@tiptree little scarlet when we ran out) with clotted cream on top at Buckingham Palace garden parties in the Royal tea tent and all Royal tea parties.”

So, that’s one scone-related debate sorted - no word yet as to which pronunciation she favours, though.

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