A new film is being made about everyone’s favourite royal

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Forget Meghan and Harry: it’s time one of her royal highness’s corgis made it onto the big screen. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness for Pembroke Welsh corgis is globally known. Stuffed toy versions can be bought in the Buckingham Palace gift shop, they’ve appeared crouched on their owner’s lap in statue form, and heck, they even made a cameo in the London Olympics James Bond stunt. 

What we’re saying is, these famous corgis have certainly earned their dues and it was only a matter of time before Hollywood came a-knockin’.

Paris-based sales company Charades has announced it’s partnering with Brussels-based film company, nWave to create the feature length picture, which will follow the adventures of Rex, corgi to the Queen. According to Variety, the 3D animation will show what happens when Rex experiences life outside the palace walls, after misplacing his owner and stumbling onto the wrong side of the metaphorical tracks. 

As he makes his way back to the Queen, Rex sees it all: think stumbling into a fight club of less privileged dogs, falling in love and discovering who he truly is beneath his royal title.

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

The film is written by Rob Sprackling and Johnny Smith, who previously came up with the script for Gnomeo and Juliet, a children’s film that took a garden-focused spin on Shakespeare’s classic play. 

The budget for the picture is said to be around the $20 million mark, and direction is being lead by European animation pioneer Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot, who between them have worked on titles such as A Turtle’s Tale and The Wild Life - both highly rated animated films. 

Although this film may be marketed at children, we’re happy to admit that us adults are just as easily pulled in by some royal entertainment. After all, there’s no denying that the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has us on a patriotic high that we might never come down from. 

 There have already been some rather cheesy cinematic takes on the royal family like Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance…, but we think The Queen’s Corgi will be our favourite yet, if not because of the curiously sweet relationship our tight lipped Queen has always had with her furry friends. 

The Queen as a young girl with her beloved corgis

It’s said that Queen Elizabeth first found her love for corgis when she was just seven years old, when her father King George VI, brought home her first pet, Dookie. 

From the first snap of her holding her new best pal at Balmoral when she was 10 years old, to the following thirty corgis she went on to own (none of which were called Rex), Queen Elizabeth’s love for the breed has turned the corgi into a symbol of the British monarchy.

Sadly, the Queen’s last corgi, Willow, passed away in April this year. She was the 14th generation of corgi that the Queen had owned, descending from Susan, the original gift from King George all those years ago.

There will apparently be no more corgis to follow Willow’s departure, with Vanity Fair reporting that the Queen did not want to leave a “young dog” behind after she had died herself. But although the corgi lineage may have come to an end, we can all be comforted that this icon of English history will live on forever on film, with Rex.

A release date for the UK has not yet been released, but we can’t wait to get our paws on it when it is. 

Images: nWave / Getty 

This article was originally published on 12 June 2018, and updated with a trailer on 12 October 2018.


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