The question everyone is asking about Sunday night's Bodyguard episode

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Helen Bownass
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Keeley Hawes as Home Secretary Julia Montague in Bodyguard

All the questions we have after watching the explosive third episode (warning: includes spoilers)


If you watched the third episode of Bodyguard – and if you don’t want a spoiler, may I respectfully request you avert your eyes now – that’s most likely what you ended the show screeching/thinking about as you tried to get to sleep. Since its first episode aired just over a week ago, the BBC TV show that focuses on a troubled war veteran assigned to protect the controversial Home Secretary has enjoyed impressive viewing figures and had everyone talking – for the right reasons.

The briefcase in question was the one handed to Home Secretary Julia Montague’s new advisor, Tahir, by her slippery special advisor Rob MacDonald, which contained the speech she was due to deliver at an important event. It was also its contents that her bodyguard Sergeant David Budd gave the all-clear to just minutes before an explosion went off during her controversial speech, causing mayhem and untold injuries. 

PR Advisor Tahir Mahmood 

Crucially though, audiences didn’t see the case’s contents, leaving us to formulate some theories:

Theory one: Budd was in on the devious plan all along, and when Tahir showed him the case there was a bomb inside. Which he authorised. Although we do know Tahir was only asked to go to the speech at the last minute. So perhaps it’s…

Theory two: Julia’s special advisor Rob MacDonald – who was originally supposed to attend the speech - planted the bomb and somehow concealed it in the case so Budd didn’t spot it.

Theory three: The briefcase, whose innocent contents were originally the speech, was swapped by someone on the sidelines who wanted to cause the Home Secretary harm – and there’s plenty of people that would like to see bad things happen to her. 

Keeley Hawes as Julia Montague 

Whatever happened, the suitcase’s contents are definitely key to the mystery. As revealed by the show’s creator, Jed Mercurio, earlier today on Twitter: “We thought long and hard whether to show you what was in the briefcase. And decided not to. #Bodyguard.”

Thanks Jed.  But of course that’s not the only question we were left with last night after the third episode of the hugely popular show. Other questions we’re also pondering include:

Were David and Tahir on the phone to each other just before the explosion?

Is the Home Secretary still alive?

Does David really like Julia, or is it all a ruse?

So. Many. Questions. 

Bodyguard is on BBC One, 9pm on Sundays

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