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My feminist icon: The Slumflower on why Munroe Bergdorf inspires her the most

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Stylist is running its first ever feminist advent calendar in 2018, with a remarkable woman revealing who her feminist icon is every day until 25 December. Here, Chidera Eggerue aka The Slumflower reveals why Munroe Bergdorf is her ultimate feminist icon.  

My feminist icon is Munroe Bergdorf, who is inspirational and unafraid. 

She’s incredibly important: to me, to the trans community, to all of us. 

She embodies diversity, she prioritises trans rights, and she encourages us to change the conversation about it. She is proud of who she is. She doesn’t exist by anybody else’s standards. She breaks boundaries and stands up for what matters. 

Just seeing her fearlessly and tenaciously speak her truth has really encouraged me to use my own voice as a tool for liberation, solidarity and shifting perceptions.

Munroe Bergdorf

Model Munroe Bergdorf “embodies diversity”.

I first heard about Munroe when she was unfairly removed from a “diversity” campaign for speaking up on why diversity needs to exist in a world that spins on white supremacy. Seeing her speak up for herself and carry herself with such poise and self awareness encouraged me to be way more vocal about my own similar experiences.

The Slumflower

“Trust your gut and let you lead yourself”

I’ve met her! The first time I met her, I thought: “Omg, she smells sooooo good too!”

She’s always encouraged me to be greater, to the point that me and her are often at similar jobs and events and it is the most heart warming thing to bump into her looking SENSATIONAL like she always does!

Remarkable Women Awards 2019

philosophy are the official partner of Stylist’s Remarkable Women Awards 2018 and, for every day in December, Stylist is asking a remarkable woman to tell us who her feminist icon is, and why. You can see more inspiring and remarkable women here.

Chidera Eggerue, aka The Slumflower, is an award-winning blogger and writer and the creator of #saggyboobsmatter. Her book, What A Time To Be Alone: The Slumflower’s Guide To Why You Are Already Enough is out in hardback now (Quadrille Publishing, £12.99).

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