The top 10 most gruesome, creepy and revolting cakes of the internet

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Forget gilt edge piping and edible flowers. A small but growing niche of cake artists are pushing the boundaries of innovative cuisine with their grotesque and creepy creations inspired by a blend of anatomical curiosities and pop culture's bloodiest muses.

This talented bunch of bakers have conjured up an astonishing level of life-like detail in creating everything from severed hands to abdominal surgery in cake form, complete with blood-spattered fingers and edible intestines.

While it's debatable whether or not you'd actually want to eat their creations - some are guaranteed to make your gut to recoil - there's no denying the level of skill and imagination that has led these macabre-minded cuisiniers to take a walk on the dark side of baking and showcase the extraordinary results online.

Come prepare your stomach as you check out their amazing work; aka the most revolting cakes of the internet...

The Abdominal Surgery Cake

Image: Conjurer's Kitchen via Pinterest

No creation is too weird or creepy for Birmingham cake artist Annabel de Vetten - otherwise known as Annabel Lecter - to put her hand to. Working from the Conjurer's Kitchen, she magics up all manner of fantastical bakes, including this life-size "failed abdominal surgery" cake with removable truffle intestines. Yum.

The Zombie Bride Head Cake

Image: Sarah Jones via Pinterest

Why have an average four-tier wedding cake when you could opt for a zombie bride head instead? The lady behind this genius sculpture, Knoxville-based cake artist Sarah Jones, carved out a career for herself as a "horror baker" after her husband brought her a voucher for a cake decorating course as a Mother's Day gift.

"Anybody who knows my cakes knows that I like shock value," she says. "I like to think of designs that people wouldn't normally do... something that people would gravitate toward and think 'Oh, that's a cake.'" Well quite.

The Eyeball Cupcakes

Image: via Pinterest

These deliciously repugnant eyeball cupcakes are just one in a stream of similar recipes featured by professional cake designer Zilly Rosen in her book Zombie Cupcakes.

With a nod to Romero's infamous zombie franchise, Zilly offers her readers instructions for crafting 16 terrifying treats, including Toxic Bite, Destroy the Brain and Keep An Eye Out (pictured). Wannabe chefs can raise their own macabre multitude of bakes from the undead in under one hour. Impressive.

The Oozing Heart Cake

Image: Lily Vanilli via Pinterest

London cake chef supreme Lily Vanilli actually created these anatomically correct oozing cake-hearts for Valentine's Day back in 2011. Because nothing says I Love You quite like a life-like, pulsating bloody organ...

You have to say that it knock spots off any wilting bunch of carnations we might otherwise receive for the occasion, even if it's not exactly tasty-looking. However, it would appeal to all you wannabe cannibals out there - plus, on a more cheerful note, a portion of the sales from these hearts went to a young adult cancer charity.

The Severed Hand Cake

Image: Miss Cakehead via Pinterest

Miss Cakehead is a freelance creative director and self-proclaimed "curator of cake and chaos" whose edgy, engaging campaigns and projects have seen her create everything from a range of sausages which replicate the experience of consuming human flesh to severed poodle leg cakes.

One of the events she created featured this rather brilliant crime scene severed arm, made by the aforementioned Annabel de Vetten of The Conjurer's Kitchen. Her gory, grotesque and often downright disgusting creations have made her the toast of the baking world. This has to be our personal favourite.

The White Chocolate Skulls

Image: Choccywoccydoodah via Pinterest

Bespoke Brighton-based chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah specialise in one-off sculptured fantasies. These amazingly life-like Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) skulls are made from the very finest Belgian chocolate.

Weighing in at almost 3kg, they'll set you back £65 apiece - but worth every penny of the sinister enchantment they provide. Spellbinding.

The Dexter Cupcake

Image: via Pinterest

Miami's finest blood spatter specialist, Dexter Morgan, would no doubt approve of these bloody glass cupcakes, commissioned especially for season seven of the macabre cult hit series.

Made by New York’s Magnolia Bakery, the killer treats are crafted from a red velvet cake mixture, with clear granulated sugar for the broken pieces of glass and oodles of blood red syrup.

The Ear Cookies

Image: Nevie-Pie Cakes/Eat Your Heart Out via Pinterest

This inspired offering comes from boutique cake-making specialist Nevie-Pie Cakes. Natasha Collins, the cake artist behind the company, cooked up these frankly revolting severed ear cookies for the pop-up Eat Your Heart Out cake shop at St. Bart's Pathology Museum in London back in 2012.

There's a certain kind of Van Gogh art behind the whole concept that is as fascinating as it is disgusting.

The Zombie 'Fisherman Ted' Cake

Image: Paul Joachim/ via Pinterest

This phenomenal "Fisherman Ted" zombie cake is sculptured from 25lbs of modelling chocolate in various lurid shades. It was made by chocolate artist Paul Joachim, who has the enviable job of dreaming up evermore wacky and grotesque creations from the good stuff.

This zombie serves 100 people and is decorated with red coloured vanilla buttercream and brandy ganache. There's no fondant here - it's all pure chocolate.

The 'Split-Face' Birthday Cake

Image: Vicky Knoop/ via Pinterest

San Francisco artist Vicky Knoop created this incredibly creepy cake for her boyfriend's birthday. Sci-fi fans will recognise that it's a recreation of "Split-Face" from John Carpenter's cult 1982 horror flick The Thing.

Using Rice Crispy treats as a base with painted fondant on top, Vicky worked for two days to complete the cake.

"Since I used the Rice Crispy for the sculpture foundation, there was a bit of sawing and a rigid crunch when we cut into it," she said. "One friend mentioned she was a bit queasy for that part. But after that, people said that the cake was super delicious, so in the end, it's really just a dessert.

"I got a note from John Carpenter's wife, Sandy King Carpenter," she added. "He'd seen the cake and loved it, which is pretty much the highest compliment I could have received."

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