The UK's most hated buildings revealed

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Britain is full of spectacular buildings. From Hampton Court Palace to The Eden Project, our tiny island is crammed with stunning architecture on which to feast your eyes.

However there is the rare exception that slips through the net. A building so badly designed and poorly executed that its ugliness is a cause of marvel. 

With this in mind, Gizmodo decided to put together a list of the most hated buildings in the UK, and on the whole we have to agree with their choices.

As part of the Gizmodo Retrospective Planning Board (not an actual real thing, sorry Gizmodo), they asked their readers to state which structures they hated most in the UK and from this they created a list of 11. 

Here, we've created a gallery of all the different erections they thought needed to be torn down and why they are so unloved.

Do you agree or are there any other buildings you think deserve to be in the list? Tell us in the comments below.


    “Residents and contemporary architects labelled it ugly, with no privacy. Tower Hamlets Council signed the death warrant in 2012 with demolition beginning in 2013”

  • Alexandra Road Estate, Camden, London

    “Residents have likened the place to Alcatraz”

  • The Stonebow, York

    “The building has always been a point of contention in York, with the wrecking ball hovering precariously over it for a while now”

    (Image via Nick Fletcher)

  • Civic Centre, Plymouth

    “Despite the building's initial hype, many 'improvements' and modernisations left the building in a poorer state than when it first opened.”

  • Tesco Extra, Woolwich, London

    “The exterior of the building is a confusing camouflage of metal cladding which resembles a '1948 Berlin blockade.'”

    (Image: Joe Davage)

  • Town Centre, Cumbernauld

    “Cumbernauld Town Centre has been voted the worst building in Britain and won the Carbuncle Award, twice. It is ugly, unfeasibly ugly.”

    (Image: Robert Proctor)

  • The Tower Hotel, London

    “Maybe the building wouldn't have been offensive elsewhere, but to ruin the picturesque setting of a national landmark is unforgivable.”

  • Civic Centre, Carlisle

    “Carlisle's Civic Centre currently has the wrecking ball hanging over it, with plans to turn the site into a department store, shopping centre and restaurants.”

    (Image: Mark Egdell)

  • The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff

    “According to the Lonely Planet Guide, it's one of the top ten celebrity hotels in the world.”

    (Image: DoctorWho)

  • Station Hill, Reading


    (Image: Faithful Gould)

  • Central Library, Birmingham

    "The Central Library in Birmingham is an imposing concrete building and was the country's second busiest library in 2011. It's failed twice to get a Grade II listed status and is set to be demolished in 2015."


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