From macaroni cheese to rhubarb crumble: the ultimate posh comfort foods

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Comfort food is the best. OK, so it might not be particularly healthy but the important thing about it is that it does just that: comfort us. 

Whether that's helping to heal a broken heart, offer sustenance after a tough day at work, or perhaps just warming you from the cold outside, delicious meals are there to help us feel better. 

We asked around the office about which dishes they loved the most and from there we set about scouring the internet for the ultimate comfort food recipes. 

Warning: this might make you eat your screen.

  • Truffle mac 'n' cheese

    Melted cheese? Check. Delicious pasta? Check. Truffles? Check. All these three ingredients are pretty fabulous on their own but add them together and you get one of the most incredible meals ever. While we should be sharing it with many other people, when we make this we might just have to eat it all ourselves. 

    Get the recipe here

  • The classic BLT updated

    Take some sourdough bread, sriracha mayonnaise, rocket, sliced tomato, bacon, a runny fried egg, and an avocado, and you've got the ultimate BLT. Our weekends (and hangovers) will never be the same again. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Sausage and mash with parsnip crisps

    Everyone (and yes, we mean EVERYONE) knows that you can't have bangers and mash without onion gravy, but this recipe calls an onion relish. It also involves creamed horseradish and chopped chives onion relish and is topped with parsnip crisps. Total game-changer. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Croque madame with poached egg

    While this isn't necessarily a British classic, it is, after all, a staple of French cuisine, but that doesn't mean you won't love this. All you need is some bread, béchamel sauce, cheese and ham. 


    Get the recipe here

  • Cheesy fish pie

    For the pescatarian, there's nothing better than lots of fish with cream and mashed potato. We love this version with grated cheddar over the top. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Luxury beans on toast

    This isn't your regular Heinz on Hovis job, oh no. This one calls for sliced tomatoes, garlic and onions. And the all-important cannellini beans. Enjoy.

    Get the recipe here

  • Over-stuffed jacket potatoes

    We're creatures of habit and regularly stick to the one topping we know and love for a jacket potato: tuna mayonnaise. That said, it's always important to change it up, especially when this topping of melted cheese, tomatoes and bacon pieces looks so good.

    Get the recipe here

  • Chocolate bread and butter pudding

    This pudding is already pretty amazing already. It's the perfect combination of carbs and cream, not to mention that it's so deliciously gooey that before you know it you've eaten all of it and not left any over to share (how awful). This chocolate bread and butter pudding is one that we simply have to make the moment we get home from work. 

    Get the recipe here

  • Rhubarb and red berry crumble

    After a cold day, there's nothing more satisfying than digging into a crumble. This rhubarb and red berry version is nothing short of genius. 

    Get the recipe here

  • White chocolate and banana baked rice pudding

    A twist on the traditional baked rice pudding, this includes white chocolate and banana too. If anyone tells you that the skin isn't the best part, they're wrong. 

    Get the recipe here

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