Theresa May's popularity has plummeted to all time low following election chaos

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Jasmine Andersson
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Who could have predicted the last two months in British politics?

Wherever your political allegiances align, the shock of the snap election, the hung parliament election result and the calls for Brexit negotiations to begin in a matter of days has left us feeling as overwhelmed as Brenda

But the eyebrow-raising doesn’t end there. In the latest turn of events, Theresa May has plummeted in the favourability polls, ranking the Conservative leader as unpopular as Jeremy Corbyn was before start of the election campaign, when the Conservative lead over Labour was more than twenty points.

The latest survey, conducted by YouGov, has placed Theresa May -34 in the favourability poll, a stark contrast to her +10 lead prior to the election.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who polled at -35 in the ratings in November last year, has now climbed 35 points to 0.

While the Labour Party have climbed to a +6 ranking, The Tories are scores of points behind with a -21 score in the YouGov poll. 

As noted in the accompanying YouGov notes ‘It is remarkable that there has been such a sharp turnaround for the leaders of the two main political parties. When the election was called, Theresa May was secure in her position and many were speculating over the future of the Labour leader. Now, the roles are reversed, with Jeremy Corbyn having silenced his critics and won over large sections of the public while the Prime Minister faces criticism from across the board.’

Within her own party, May was seen favourably by 85% of 2015 Conservative voters in late April. By mid-June this had fallen to 57%.

The Prime Minister, who has faced criticism for approaching the Democratic Unionist Party, who have a dubious record on abortion and LGBTQ rights, has also fallen under fire for her conduct when she attended the scene of the Grenfell fire.

Although the leader greeted the police and fire brigade that dealt with the traumatic blaze, she did not speak to any of the residents affected by the tragedy.

The reversal of fortunes has seen Labour rise from -25 low at the start of the general election.

And eight days on from the shock result, May and the Conservatives are still in discussion to secure a coalition government to make a majority.

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