They’re back: viral BBC kids land their own animated TV show

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If there’s been a Marion Kelly-shaped hole in your heart these last few weeks, fear not: the world’s favourite four-year-old is back, and this time she has her own TV show based on her and her family.

In case your memory needs refreshing, Marion was the undisputed star of the BBC news video that went viral last month, after crashing her dad’s super serious Skype interview in spectacular fashion,

Her dad Robert, a political science professor, was being interviewed about impeachment in South Korea in his home office when Marion casually sauntered in and danced her way to the computer, where she proceeded to stare down the BBC interviewer (below).

As Professor Kelly desperately tried to contain the situation, Marion’s baby brother James came wheeling in behind her, followed swiftly by their mum, who dragged them wailing from the room.

All in all, it made for absolute viral video gold – so we’re not surprised the tots are back.

Their new TV show is an animated cartoon called The Adventures of Mina and Jack, described as a “mischievous duo who can't help but get into trouble...and on the news”.

Created by American production company Hans House Productions, it will follow the adorable pair and their family as they travel the world and get into all sorts of mischief.

In a press release, Professor Kelly gave the show his full blessing, saying, “I thought it was so cute. My wife and I both laughed. They made me look suitably dorky.”

There’s no word yet on what Marion thinks, but we reckon her impervious expression throughout her family’s press conference probably says it all:

You can watch the full clip below and stay tuned for further release date information here, when it’s announced.

Images: BBC/screen shots


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