This woman is giving free makeovers to her fellow cancer survivors

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A make-up artist from Liverpool who has beaten cancer wants to help other women facing the same battle, by offering free face and lash makeovers.

Natalie Crawford, 28, was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago. She lost her breasts, ovaries and hair while fighting the disease.

“I know how it feels during chemotherapy to feel wiped out and ugly,” she wrote on a Facebook post advertising her support service to fellow cancer survivors.

“Just feeling ‘normal’ even for a little bit makes all the difference.”

Around 2,200 women under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Britain, according to Cancer Research.

“It’s those major things that make you a woman, that are getting taken away from you one by one,” Natalie tells BBC  5 live, in a short film about her journey with the illness, and the free makeovers she provides as a result.

“Your hair gets taken from you, your breasts that make you a woman and a mother, they’re getting taken away from you. Your ovaries that make you a woman.

"To have your make-up done, even just for a day, just makes you feel a little bit normal,” she adds.

Natalie gives free makeovers every week to cancer survivors like her, who live in her area. She says their sessions are cathartic for both her and her clients.

“When they come and we’re doing the make-up, we start having cancer talk,” she says. “We compare scars, compare breasts, compare what we’ve been through. It’s good therapy for both sides.”

Take a look at Natalie’s altruistic project in action, below.

Images: Facebook/Instagram @makeup_by_natalie_rachelle


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