This couple accidentally planned surprise proposals on the same day

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Emily Reynolds
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Tori and Berkley unknowingly planned surprise proposals on the same day – and they caught the whole thing on camera, too.

People come up with all sorts of romantic, creative ways to propose to their partners. Take this guy, for example, who recreated Chandler and Monica’s proposal from Friends, or this flipbook proposal – so unique. 

What we’ve not heard of before: a double proposal.

But that’s exactly what happened to this couple, Tori and Berkeley. The pair, it turned out, had both spent months planning to propose to one another – and ended up doing it at exactly the same moment, while playing Pictionary with their family. 

“I planned a proposal for months..little did I know she planned one too!” Tori tweeted. 

There’s even video evidence of the proposal – and it’s completely adorable. 

“This is a joke, this is a set up!” Tori laughs.

The pair also uploaded a bunch of extra proposal pictures, which are obviously heartbreakingly sweet too. 

Unsurprisingly, people freaked out. 

“This is so beautiful. I don’t even know you two but I saw this on my timeline and I am so happy for you both,” one Twitter user wrote. “How did y’all keep it a secret for 4 months? I can’t even keep a secret from my girl for a day i get too excited… y’all cute as fuck,” said another. 

We think Tori and Berkeley might be the cutest couple ever – congrats guys.