This couple asked their three grandmas to be flower girls at their wedding

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Every bride and groom will know that choosing your wedding party is very political. So kudos to this couple who subverted tradition and chose to make a decision no one could argue with: to honour the matriarchs of their family by making them flower girls. Or flower women, if you prefer.

Yasmine Parker, 26, and Richardo De Salis, 25, married in Sydney in November and opted to have their three grandmas walk down the aisle before them.

Ricardo’s grandmothers – Jean, 88, and Doreen, 93 – and Yasmine’s grandma Rouhanieh, 96, were invited to take on the role as the couple hadn’t invited children to the ceremony.

three elderly women lead the procession up the aisle at a wedding in Sydney
The three elderly women led the procession up the aisle at the wedding in Sydney [Photo: James Day Photography)

The trio started the ceremony by walking before their friends and family in beautifully ornate beaded dresses and matching headdresses.

The women share an endearingly close friendship after attending the weddding and hen do and bridal tea, as captured by photographer James Day.

Yasmine told Daily Mail Australia: “Although they speak different languages, they seem to manage to have the longest conversations.

“At dinner parties, they insist they sit together as well.”

Being able to give them a special role in their wedding meant a lot to the couple due to the adversity the women have faced. 

“Our families truly treat them with very high respect. Each one of them, coming from different countries, has gone through hardship and their faces tell so much,” explains Yasmine.


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