This couple got married with 1,100 cats as witnesses

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Planning a wedding with human guests can be a little tricky - so one couple decided to invite 1,100 cats instead.

Dominic Husson and Louise Véronneau swerved seating politics, dietary requirements and transportation issues by making their shared love of felines the focus of their purrfect day (sorry).

The Canadian couple flew from Montreal to California for a truly furrytail wedding (again, sorry) and despite no guarantee of a claws-in policy, the bride wore a delicate strapless white gown and risked a potentially painful climbing incident with her traditional long veil.

Their guests behaved impeccably...for the most part.

They got married in Cat House on the Kings, California's largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary.

"We are both animal lovers, and it shows she's a great person, and that's why I wanted to marry her," the groom tells NBC News.

"We are sharing these same values," bride Véronneau says. "These are the basics of our relationship - our love for animals." 

Believe it or not, they're the first couple to be married at the sanctuary, which has helped house more than 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since it began 24 years ago.

Cat House on the Kings' founder Lynea Lattanzio says she was nervous about how the nuptials would play out, but was happy with the guests' behaviour.

"They enjoy the attention," she says.

Images: NBC News

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