Three ways we can close the gender pay gap by 2044

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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We don’t want to jinx it, but we might finally have some good news regarding the gender pay gap.

According to new research, women graduating from University in 2020 could be the first generation to see the pay gap closed within their careers, meaning it could close in developed markets as soon as 2044.

And the report, released by Accenture this morning, has highlighted three ways in which women can help close the gap: digital fluency, tech immersion and career strategy.

Digital fluency means using digital technologies, such as LinkedIn, to connect with others as well as using tech to learn and work, while tech immersion applies to acquiring greater technology and digital skills to help women advance much faster within their career. Unsurprisingly, career strategy refers to women managing the progression of their careers as proactively as possible.

The research suggested that if these three techniques were employed by women, the pay gap would be reduced by 35% by 2030, giving a global boost to women’s income by a huge £3.2 trillion.

The report assessed the careers and earnings of more than 28,000 men and women from 29 countries to analyse the global pay gap and the speed with which it could be eliminated.

It found that, globally, the gender pay gap currently stands at women earning an average $100 (£82.01) for every $140 (£114.81) earned by men.

Here in the UK, the latest government figures show the gender pay gap is at 18.1%.

The figure is the lowest on record, but still a huge injustice for the 14.9 million women currently in employment across the country.


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Sarah Biddlecombe

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