This new film is basically about Tinder – and it looks intense

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Tinder, by its nature, forces users into a mindset of snap judgement based on appearance. But how much does the habit of swiping left or right within seconds affect our overall approach to relationships? Do dating apps encourage the thrill of the new over making lasting connections?

That’s the question behind film Newness, starring Nicholas Hoult – the trailer for which has just dropped and looks rather intense.

The film, released on iTunes 3 November, sees Hoult and co-star Laia Costa play a couple who match on an app called Winx. They fall for each other and decide to delete the app from their phones together, but agree to have an open relationship – which, because this is cinema, doesn’t run particularly smoothly.

Of course, plenty of people enjoy using such dating apps as nothing more than a hook-up platform – but equally, many are weary of often feeling like one in a long line, subject to opening chat that’s clearly been employed on every single match.

And according to filmmaker Drake Doremus, Newness intends to look into whether relationships have become a part of our ‘instant coffee, same-day delivery’ culture of convenience.

“We started tinkering with the thought of what you need to sustain a relationship beyond that beginning dating stage,” he told “What do you do once that newness is gone? How do you confront that? I think that was the genesis of the idea right there.”

Which, to be fair, is a problem that existed well before technology, but is arguably exacerbated by the ease of dating apps. Doremus goes on to agree that the film is about fear of boredom, having been initially inspired by a 2015 Vanity Fair article on dating in the digital age.

He explained: “It was interesting for us to look at that and say, ‘What’s really going on now? What’s happening, how is it evolving, how is it affecting our ability to have a strong connection with somebody?’”

Whether it represents your experience of dating apps is debateable, but there’s no denying it’s an interesting conversation.

Executive produced by Ridley Scott, Newness will be available on other streaming platforms after its exclusive release on iTunes.

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