These Twitter tips for mental health sufferers are both heartwarming and useful

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Jasmine Andersson
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Living with a mental illness can be absolutely exhausting.

Even when there are some moments of clarity in what can be an overwhelming fog of listlessness, the symptoms that come with the likes of depression and anxiety cannot be solved overnight.

That’s why when genuinely helpful tips come along, they are simply invaluable for anyone struggling under the weight of mental health issues.

So it’s not surprising that people in the Twittersphere are turning to the viral hashtag #MyTipsForMentalHealth to offer advice for those who are struggling with the debilitating pressures of a mental health condition. 

Mental health

In a bid to condense the tips for those currently struggling, we have gathered the best nuggets of knowledge from the micro-blogging site about the power of self-care as a mental health sufferer.

Woman self-care

The tips range from pragmatic pieces of inspo to simple acts of self-love that can be hard to remember in the deep throes of a mental health issue.

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The tweets prove that mental health sufferers are not alone, while acting as a gentle reminder that remembering the basics of self-care can do wonders for us all. 

And as the #MyTipsForMentalHealth thread shows, the support we need can sometimes be found in the places we least expect.

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