5 of the best to-do list apps to get your life on track with

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Make your 2019 goals come true, one small step at a time, with these on-point list apps

Do your to-do lists invariably end up at the bottom of your handbag, along with lost receipts, chewing gum and month-old mascara? It’s time to break from the madness.

If you want 2019 to be the year of productivity and prowess, let these apps be your guide. They’re free to download (with a range of paid-for extra features), with the potential to change up your life.

Havoc, be gone! comes with a slick calendar feature that lets you coordinate tasks across different platforms, for example Slack or Alexa. It also syncs your to-do list on an impressive roster of devices, including mobile, tablet and watch. The location-based reminder tool is a clever touch, as is the ability to add tasks via voice command.

Free on Android and iOS


If you’re the kind of person who keeps scraps of to-do lists all over the shop, Evernote is your friend. This massively popular app will scan and collate your handwritten notes, alongside images, bookmarked web pages and snippets of audio. Chaotic debris is a thing of the past, with one central system that you can search in and sync at the swipe of a thumb. 

Free on Android and iOS

Focus To-Do

This neat daily planner lets you time each activity on your to-do list, so you can see at a glance where you’re frittering away precious minutes. If you want to plot your productivity with expert precision, try the app’s take on the Pomodoro technique, where you chip away at tasks in 25-minute chunks for optimum focus, with five minute breaks in-between. 

Free on Android and iOS


We’re big fans of delegation, and this app streamlines the process by letting you allocate shared projects to other people. You can also map out and prioritise goals, and highlight what’s important using a colour-code key. Review graphs are a nice way of measuring your progress, helping you to keep tabs on when you’re most productive in any given day/week.

Free on Android and iOS


Simple and intuitive to use, Wunderlist is a favourite of harried professionals the world over. It creates checklists and tasks to deadlines, ordered into easily accessed folders that you can share with your partner/colleagues/ other people of note. The task comment feature lets you annotate on the move, and you can update your Wunderlist from email as well as directly in-app. 

Free on Android and iOS

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