To make a good impression in a new job, try this one trick

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Helen Booth
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A career expert reveals the secret to winning over new colleagues

You’ve nailed the interview process, accepted the job offer, and it’s your first day in a new office. How can you keep that winning streak going and start off on the best foot with your new colleagues?

According to Jason Sackett, an executive coach and contributing author to Compassion@Work: Creating Workplaces that Engage the Human Spirit, there’s one simple strategy you should keep in mind – rather than revealing too much about yourself, you should focus instead on asking questions and showing interest in others.

“To start gaining respect of colleagues and superiors on the first day, make it about them, not about you,” Sackett advised in an interview with Glassdoor.

“A common first-day trap is to talk up your own past accomplishments and future ambitions, which makes people nervous or annoyed because they don’t know you. Instead, get curious and inquire about the roles, talents, and achievements of your colleagues to establish a persona as a listener, learner, and collaborator.”

As Sackett says, not only does this tactic put people at ease, it makes it clear that you’re a great listener. For bonus points, it also demonstrates that you’re there with the intention to learn from others.

Once that tricky first day is out of the way, you can relax and reveal more about yourself – after all, you’ll probably have lots of new lunch buddies to bond with after making such a good first impression.


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