These are the 2018 wellness trends you need to know about

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Emily Reynolds
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Pinterest has predicted 2018’s hottest trends in food, style, beauty and interiors and. Start them now and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Ever spent a regrettable sum of money on a juicer you never use? No need to feel guilty, because according to a new trend report from Pinterest, juicing is out - and ‘souping’ is in. 

The findings come from the image sharing website’s Pinterest 100, a report of potential 2018 trends based on data from saved pins from across their main categories – food, style, beauty, parenting, homes, travel, hobbies, celebrations and wellness. 

And from the looks of it, the pattern of zany wellness trends we saw popping up over the last 12 months is likely to continue. Yoga blocks are out (so 2017), replaced by yoga ‘wheels’, (which Pinterest say “stretch the front side body, massage the spine and assist in advance postures”), apparently we’re all going to start using essential oils to flavour our food, and clean eating will soon be accompanied by ‘clean breathing’ via air purifiers. 

Mental wellbeing looks to continue as a focus too – saves for Tai Chi are up by 189%, in part because of its “potential to reduce stress, release pain and create whole body harmony”, Pinterest says.  Searches for ‘self care’ are also up by 537%, with ‘self care staycations’ predicted to be a 2018 trend. 

(Image: Josh Zelaya)

We’re also likely to start thinking about our ‘gut health’, ditch the cardio for strength training and start using vitamin C serum to “improve our skin texture and quality”.

Food predictions are also heavily skewed towards ‘wellness’ – air fryers to replace deep fat friers, plants replacing meat as a protein source and mocktails taking the place of our regular boozy cocktails.

In the world of fashion and beauty, it looks like bold is the way forward. Logos, statement earrings, embellished shoes and wide leg trousers are all top saves in fashion, with big lashes, bright eyeshadow and geometric nails leading the beauty pack. 

And as for downtime, DIY jewellery and knitting trends are as popular as ever (this coming year it’s going to be ‘giant knitting’, apparently). Getting away from it all seems to be a common theme – from ‘spa bathrooms’ to staycations and desert travel, it looks like we all want to escape from what, let’s be honest, hasn’t been the greatest year. 

Which also probably explains why so many Pinterest users are searching for “living in the moment” – the best resolution of the lot, if you ask us.