The White House’s gender pay gap has tripled under President Trump

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The White House released its annual salary report last week (30 June), revealing a 20% difference in men’s and women’s average earnings.

However, a conservative think tank says the true figure under President Trump’s leadership is almost 37% – more than tripling the 11% gap of President Obama’s final year.

According to a report from economist Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute, focusing on the median pay rather than the average pay revealed “the typical female staffer earned 63.2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer.”

The 20% (rounded up from 19.6%) figure had come from the average, or mean, salary: $84,500 (£65,246) for female staffers and $105,000 (£81,075) for male.

However Perry argues the median is more accurate, revealing a 36.8% difference – $72,648 (£56,106) for women and $115,000 (£88,815) for men – that reflects “what a typical female staffer at the White House is paid compared to what a typical male staffer is paid.”

The national gender pay gap in America is 17%.

As it is a conservative think tank, the statistics were used to criticise President Obama and the Equal Pay Day campaign, with the author stating in the report’s conclusion that because Trump had never publicly supported equal pay he couldn’t be called out for “hypocrisy” – whereas Obama openly supported equal-pay initiatives while there was an 11% gap during his last year of term.

Perry goes on to brand Equal Pay Day a “bogus feminist holiday” based on “statistical falsehood”, though he does call out Ivanka Trump for her apparent Twitter support of the campaign.

The data excludes unpaid White House staffers Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and property developer Reed Cordish.

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