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Apple TV+’s latest show, Trying, is a heartwarming comedy about a couple struggling to conceive. 

Ever since Apple TV+ exploded onto the streaming scene in November, the platform has been quietly releasing some of the most refreshing, agenda-setting content in the business. Think Visible: Out on Television, which explores the moment personalities like Ellen Degeneres or Wanda Sykes came out publicly or Oprah Talks COVID-19, which sees her interview friends and experts about the pandemic, and was recently made available free on the platform.  

And please tell us you’ve seen The Morning Show? Its whip smart, female-led drama which explores power dynamics and sexual misconduct in a post #MeToo era, behind the scenes of a morning news programme that also, incidentally, stars the incredible Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. We thought so. Well, today they have announced the latest addition to their catalogue is Trying, a comedy about a couple, Nikki and Jason, who are struggling to conceive.

Here are the 5 questions we came away with after watching the trailer. 

Where do we recognise Nikki from?
Played by Esther Smith, you might know her as Alice in Cuckoo, the BBC Three series with Taylor Lautner. In Trying, howevershe plays Nikki, a thirty-something who has recently discovered her and her partner are unable to conceive. After the initial heartbreak, she decides on adoption, and we watch her navigate her tricky path to motherhood and prepare to have her life scrutinised in the process. 

And what about Jason?
Jason is played by Raffe Spall, who you’ll recognise from the likes of The Big Short, The Life of Pi and The Ritual.

Can we please book a session with Imelda Staunton?
If only. Staunton, who is known for her Bafta-winning roles in Vera Drake and Pride, plays a couples therapist who operates with a chameleon-like to ability soothe and then disarm. “It is not a test, I am on your side,” she says in the trailer. “So, how often would you say you have sex?” she sharply adds. 

Is that Camden we see? 
Indeed, it is. The show is set in London and uses some of the city’s best-loved spots as a back drop throughout the series. For anyone missing the outside world, this makes it essential viewing alone. 

Will there be a baby? 
This is the question that hangs over the entire show. Nikki and Jason tussle with dysfunctional friends, eccentric families and chaotic lives in their quest to be deemed fit parents. And ultimately, there is one question on their minds: will the adoption panel agree that they’re ready? 

Watch the trailer for Trying


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