Twitter user goes viral with 8 statements every woman should remember

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Mollie McGuigan
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Twitter user’s women’s empowerment checklist goes viral after it’s championed by Chrissy Teigen.

If you’ve ever been made to feel uncomfortable by a man, or had your opinions dismissed in a meeting by an arrogant male colleague, you will know just how undermining and pernicious sexism can be. And as the recent – and depressingly endless – Hollywood sexual assault claims show, women don’t always feel able or safe to call it out. 

In light of this, Twitter user Gem Short has posted an empowerment checklist for women. Under her username @vegbby, she wrote a bullet-point list of “good statements for women to practice”. So good, in fact, that it went viral and has now been retweeted over 97,000 times, and gathered nearly 255,000 likes.

The list is a reminder of simple, concise points that can be used to shut down unwanted attention and sexism:

1. You interrupted me. i’m not finished talking.

2. No

3. That isn’t funny

4. That isn’t appropriate

5. I already know that

6. That won’t be necessary

7. Leave me alone

8. You’re making me uncomfortable

9. Stop ignoring what I’m saying

The checklist of nine sentences struck a chord with Twitter users, including Chrissy Teigen, who posted a response to the list, saying: “Aside from ‘no’, I honestly don’t think I have ever uttered these other statements and I kind of cringe even thinking about saying them.

“That is not right. Good post good post.”

Other Twitter users praised Gem’s list, with one woman messaging her a photo of her noticeboard at work and telling her “Literally hung your tweet on my desk as a constant reminder being a young girl in corporate America”.

Of course, as plenty of users pointed out, women shouldn’t need a checklist for straightforward sentiments such as these. Here’s hoping that changes soon.

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