Why people are freaking out about these ridiculous cook book covers

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Sonya Barber
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What’s worse than cooking dinner without any help? Cooking when someone is being a condescending back-seat chef, quite literally. 

As one Twitter user browsed the online cookbook selection, she noticed a design trend with the Instant Pot for Now books, a series of recipes for a pressure cooker where you need a man behind you at all times to supervise the vegetable cutting. 

Twitter user @425suzanne got obsessed with the condescending covers and posted a brilliant commentary which sums up perfectly what we’re all thinking:

She tweeted the first cover saying: “I’m so confused. Is this…?

a) “we’re so in love we have to do EVERYTHING together”

b) hapless lass needs to be taught how to cut a pepper

c) demo of most awkward way to assist in pepper cutting

d) supposed to make me want to buy the book”

Errr e) all of the above?

But it doesn’t stop at pepper cutting. Women also need help with cucumbers:

That looks more like they’re making a sandwich than a pressure cooker meal, but sure. 

Seems like women actually need more help with their pepper cutting technique.

Only “beautiful couples” may purchase this doozy:

These two seem to be putting on a brave face to mask their deeper sadness.

Check out that fake smile. 

They just get weirder:

Twitter user @mikerugnetta spotted the bizarre covers a few weeks later and posted about them commenting “these poor women” and “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OF THESE”. 

A very good question, indeed.

And, rightly so, people are  finding them great sources of annoyance and amusement:

Now this is more like it:

So now you know, cutting veg can be extremel dangerous business so it’s always best to attach a man to your back before attempting it. Sorted. 

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